“Animal shelters are themselves frequently little more than slaughterhouses.” ~Jennifer and Nathan Winograd, Free From Harm

Where Animal Welfare Gets It Wrong: Part I

Happy Meat Market, Chinatown, TorontoAnimal shelters in this country exist for primarily one purpose: to provide a safety-net of care for our nation’s homeless animals. With half of all animals entering our shelters being killed rather than given the new beginning that they not only deserve, but which the No Kill movement has proven unequivocally is possible, to say that most of our animal shelters are failing in their mission is a gross understatement. But the betrayal goes even deeper than the killing, although by far that is the greatest harm. Because in addition to taking the lives of four million animals a year, animal shelters in this country are rife with abuse and neglect as well. Why? Because they kill. Studies of slaughterhouse workers have found that in order to cope with the fact that they are paid to kill day in and day out, self-preservation motivates those workers to devalue animals in order to make what they are doing less morally reprehensible. In other words, the workers make the animals unworthy of any consideration on their behalf. The two most common methods of achieving this are indifference to animal suffering and even intensifying it, becoming sadistic toward the animals. In too many communities, the implications for shelters are frightening: American shelters are themselves frequently little more than slaughterhouses. By its very nature, therefore, shelter killing breeds a lack of compassion and caring for animals. [continue reading]

SOURCE:  Free From Harm

6 thoughts on ““Animal shelters are themselves frequently little more than slaughterhouses.” ~Jennifer and Nathan Winograd, Free From Harm

  1. I work at almost home animal shelter and I can tell you for sure that those animals are well cared for and loved! While I don’t pretend to know what happens in every shelter, like the author of this piece does, I can tell you that the shelter I work at does everything humanly possible to find homes some of these animals have been caged for over three and five years so you tell me how long do you keep an animal in a cage until its deemed inhumane furthermore why not start blaming the idiots who don’t get there pets spayed or neutered or even better start pointing the finger at those who get a pet and then abandon them! why not point the finger at the people who buy pets instead of adopting? I think its terribly unfair to blame shelters without even mentioning that its PEOPLE who have caused animal to be put down the shelter may be the ones putting the needle in but make NO mistake its PEOPLE who have signed the death warrant! Want to stop death at shelters then ADOPT!!!!!!!! and SPAY AND NEUTER YOUR PETS

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