Long time, no blogging…

Dear GE Followers, ahhhummm…that is, if I still have any followers. ūüė¶

I haven’t blogged in a while. ¬†I know and I am sorry. Work and personal life have been insane! There is a new executive in my office whom I am also¬†supporting.¬† I recently closed on my 4th home,¬†in a new town, one I am not familiar with.¬† It’s a cute old house, built in 1915 and it hasn’t been updated since! Okay, well that’s not entirely true, it was last updated in 1940 but seriously, that was the last time so as you can imagine, the house is in need of some serious updating. Can you say horse hair plaster anyone???…¬†Of course the fabulous man and his crew have¬†been working on¬†the house which is grrrreat.¬† Plus,¬†I am¬†gearing up to move into said house. Whew! (wiping brow)

Anyway, the reason for this post is, I wanted to really quickly blog about something that has been bothering me.¬† Family, friends, co-workers etc… have all been complaining to me that they hate to rinse their recyclables¬†before tossing into the recyle bin and hey I get it. I even shared a blog from Alicia Silverstone’s blog The Kind Life about rinsing before tossing which is in my archives. Please know,¬†I understand where you are coming from, I really do. I’ve been there but now rinsing my recycling has become part of my pot and dish washing routine so I don’t really give it a thought — it’s all autopilot at this point.¬†

Well, today I was chatting with some co-workers about rinsing hard to clean recycle items like tubes of lotion, toothpaste, makeup etc… then I had to run to a meeting.¬† When I got back there was a post from¬†Alicia about this very topic.¬† How fortuitous!¬†¬†If you’re curious, you can check out her blog here: http://www.thekindlife.com/post/my-moms-empty-cosmetic-containers¬†

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The solution to these hard to clean items is to CUT the item open.¬† How frickin’ awesome is that? I have tubes of lotion etc…¬†at home that I have been collecting, fearful of tossing into the recycle bin because I didn’t know how to clean them, that is… until now. Can I get a WOOT! (Yes I know, WOOT is game speak for We Own Other Team).¬† I cannot wait to go home and cut open the various tubes of lotion, toothpaste etc… Finally, a solution to this dilemma.


Of course what is really blowing my mind is, why the hell didn’t I think of this?! Sheesh!

Ah well, what’s important is that someone thought of a solution.

Until then, your ever loyal, always learning to be green, Girrl-Earth.