My beautiful friend Yvonne sent this to me so I decided to share:

Friendship is a mirror that reflects the grace of God. Throughout my life, I have countless opportunities to be a friend and to make new friends. Each friendship is an occasion to experience God in action–to behold kindness, peace, happiness and love in each person I meet. Each friendship is also an opportunity for me to reveal my highest and best qualities. My friends and I balance one another’s strengths and weaknesses and enjoy a comfortable camaraderie as we walk our life’s paths. My friends know me and love me, lift my spirits by their presence, and help me find my way in the world. I gladly reciprocate. Each friend is a blessing in my life. Each one has helped me become the person I am today. I thank God for my friends. A true friend sticks closer than one’s nearest kin.–Proverbs 18:24