• 269LIfe:
  • Animal Recovery Mission (ARM):
  • Animal Legal Defense Fund:
  • Showing Animals Respect and Kindness (SHARK):
  • The Sea Shepherd:
  • Farm Sanctuary:
  • Bat World:

Re: Bat World: Be sure to read the Myths & Facts page of Bat World Turns out, everything you were told about bats is wrong!

Here’s an excerpt:

Bats do not try to become tangled in hair. In fact, insect-eating bats are equipped with a built in sonar system that allows them to navigate at break-neck speed through total darkness. Their unique echolocation ability is literally thousands of times more efficient than any similar system built by humans. If a bat swoops toward you, it’s probably after the mosquito that is hovering just above your head – not your hair.


Bats don’t “carry’” rabies,  however, they are capable of catching the disease just like any other mammal. Less than one-half of one percent of bats actually contract the disease. In reality, more people die annually from contact with household pets than have died from contact with bats in all recorded history. This doesn’t mean that it’s okay to touch or handle bats, as they may be afraid and bite in self-defense. Bats are wild animals, and all wild animals can be dangerous. Additionally, grounded bats are more likely to be sick so they should never be rescued bare-handed.


Other rescue organizations more personal to me:

  • The Animal Rescue League of Boston:
  • CEASE Boston:
  • The Neponset Valley Humane Society:
  • The Northeast Animal Shelter (where I hope to adopt my future dog from).

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    • My pleasure — happy to help. I mean, if I can change one person’s mind or view towards animals, then I can change more… baby steps.

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