Coles shows support for Animals Australia

Of Course Vegan

Coles Supermarkets has sparked a little controversy in Australia – a good one this time – by partnering with Animals Australia in the promotion of better treatment for animals down under. But the meat industry is trying to fight back.

The National Farmers Federation in Australia is meeting with Coles to put forward their “concerns” that Coles is partnering with the animal rights group in what it claims is “anti-farming” initiatives with a campaign that promotes vegan eating and culture.

The campaign, however, is being praised by animal rights supporters in Australia and has even seen Jon Church of Coles fight back in defending the move.

“We can be very clear that we’re working with Animals Australia on welfare campaigns to improve the welfare of animals in the supply chain,” he said.

“We’ve led the way on a number of our brands, with sow stall free pork, with caged free…

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