Shout out to Hooked on Houses!!

Greetings GE Followers,

Last week I posted about my obsession, nay, LOVE for Apartment Therapy  However, this morning, as I finished reading the latest update from Hooked on Houses, I realized I failed to give this fabulouso blogger a shout out on my blog.  If you have never heard of Hooked on Houses then click on the link and get on with it.  Please note:  Hooked on Houses is addictive! And consider yourself warned. 



I have a confession to make.  I am wholeheartedly 100% in love with and addicted to…ready?…wait for it… Apartment Therapy!  OMG! I cannot get enough of this site.  This post in particular: The vintage kitchen (cabinets similar to mine) and bathroom (tile similar to mine) is, in a word, awesome. Swaaaaoooooooooooon!