WARNING! Your snacks may contain Orangutan Extinction!

From  Rainforest Action Network:

For the last month, a team of Palm Oil Activists working with RAN has been going to grocery stores to put “Warning: this snack may contain orangutan extinction” stickers on products containing palm oil that may be tied to rainforest destruction. They’ve talked to store managers about the palm oil in the snack foods they sell, they’ve had conversations with their friends and family about the rainforest destruction that palm oil is driving, and they’ve generally been all-stars at putting the snack industry on notice.

Before we launch into our next round of calling out snack food containing destructive palm oil, we wanted to give you a quick update on where our campaign is at, and invite you to get in on the action: Sign up for the Palm Oil Action Team now and you can be a part of awesomeness like this.

In April, we sent letters to 20 of the leading snack food companies—makers of some of the most popular brand name products in America. We told them that we are giving them this one chance to come clean and commit to breaking the link between their snack foods and controversial palm oil production that is tied to rainforest destruction and human rights violations.

Since then, over 40,000 people have pledged to stand with RAN and demanded that the snack food industry take rainforest destruction and human rights violations out of our snacks. Hundreds of people have signed up to take action with us as part of the Palm Oil Action Team.

Our mission is to convince these 20 companies to commit to only purchasing palm oil that has been produced responsibly, without links to rainforest destruction and human rights violations. So far, nine of the 20 snack food companies responded to our letter. Eight of these companies have agreed to meet with us.

Eleven snack food companies have not responded to our letters. We need to let them know that they can not ignore this important issue any longer.

We’re off to a great start. But we need your help to get orangutan extinction out of America’s snack foods.

Orangutan in tree

A stranded orangutan watches as her home is bulldozed.Source

Kilanguni: the Exceptional (tailless) Elephant

Fight for Rhinos

Sheldrick Wildlife Nursery Nairobi- Kilanguni arrived in horrific condition. His wounds were severe; his entire tail was bitten off, bite sized chunks were taken out of his ears, and his back legs were wounded. He had been attacked by the hyenas who had come to feast on his poached mother’s body.kilanguni ele bottle

At an age and time when most new orphans are frightened, traumatized and aggressive, Kilanguni was calm. He suckled on the fingers of the keepers for comfort and willingly took to the bottles offered him, as well as patiently enduring treatment for his wounds. Kilanguni was a gentle, loving and obviously exceptional elephant.

He quickly joined the other orphans in the Nursery. They surrounded him, rumbling and gently touching him, making him a part of the family. They exhibited the usual compassion and empathy elephants are known for.

Kilanguni recovered and thrived at the Nursery, becoming an obvious standout…

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