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Welcome to my *About* page.  So who am I? Well let’s start with the basic cordial introductory bullshit:   I am a no-oil vegan, the property of 6 felines (3 of which are rescues). One day a week I attend an adult ballet technique class with an awesome group of ladies ranging in ages from twenty-five to sixty-five.  I have rescued and fostered a sundry of animals (and continue to).  I donate money throughout the year to various animal welfare organizations as well as shelters in my state despite the fact that I do NOT have a whole lot of money to give.  I am a cubicle slave and answer to the 1% who is systematically destroying our environment due to their insatiable GREED.

I am passionate about animal rights and justice, as evidenced by this blog. I believe the majority of the human race is inherently evil. My opinion of mankind has been shaped and molded by the horrific, egregious, down-right evil acts I have witnessed first-hand, read or watched on TV. Feel free to call me a misanthrope  as I will wear that title with fucking pride.

I am “jaded and cynical”. I have and continue to reduce my carbon footprint (case in point, I purposely moved to a place where I can pretty much walk to all the amenities I need, including the train, therefore reducing my need to drive). I compost everything (!) and it takes me two months to produce enough trash for curbside pickup.

I hate organized sports, McMansion Houses, and Ivy League Yuppies who move to former blue collar towns and turn them into fucking snobby, head-up-ass, overpriced, me-me-me neighborhoods where everyone acts like they shit soft serve in 3 flavors. Guess what asshole, you’re going to die, just like me and no I don’t think your kid is fucking awesome.  You part of the problem, not the solution.  Just because you throw your Poland Spring water bottles into the recycle bin, drive a hybrid and shop at the Farmer’s Market does not an environmentalist make. Mkay? (Oh and btw, I have a major fucking problem with all those diapers you tossed into the landfill.)

I hate the Tea Party, or as Bill Maher like to say: “Tea Baggers” (yep, that’s right, I love Bill Maher!).  I hate “Faux (Fox) News”. And lastly, I really despise Astro-turf campaigns disguised as grassroots efforts (yah that’s right Koch brothers, I really hate your greasy evil asses).

For the life of me, I cannot wrap my head around why we are still arguing over gay-rights and abortion.  Future generations are going to look back at us and think, “What a pack of idiots!”

Since I was a little girl, I have always had a passion for animals and I believe this passion was inherited from my Italian father who had a soft spot for all animals, especially cats. When I was a child, my father told me something I will never forget. He said, “Never trust a person who doesn’t like animals.”  He believes people who hate animals, are capable of harming humans without remorse. And if I may quote the Great George Bernard Shaw, “We can judge the heart of man by his treatment of animals.” Well said, George.

Throughout my childhood, we had a sundry of animals because my dad was always rescuing strays.  Animals were part of our family, not some nuisance you chain up in the backyard and forget about.

My first exposure to animal cruelty, e.g.: Factory Farming, Vivisection, Fur Trade as well as the consumption of cats & dogs,  happened while still in high school I discovered The Animal’s Voice Magazine. With permission, I subscribed to the magazine. I will never forget my first issue – it was about how the people of China, Japan, Vietnam et al.  dined on cats and dogs(!) among other animals that we would never dream of eating.  I could not believe people would eat dogs and cats! Furthermore, I couldn’t believe how they treated these animals, jamming as many as 20 cats in tiny cages. Tying up dog’s legs behind their backs and putting soup cans on their faces to act like a muzzle. Talk about visible pain.  Those images are forever burned into my brain.  Due to the fact I couldn’t cope with the animal cruelty stories I was reading about, I had to turn my back on all of it.  I knew about it, but I did not want to bring it front and center.  I was young and ill equipped to handle such cruelty.

That was then, this is now.

Two years ago, when I became a vegan I started to delve back into the dark ugly seedy world of animal exploitation.  First, I started with undercover video footage from PETAMercy for Animals  and Free From Harm and from there it expanded.  Before I knew it, I was neck-deep in vivisection, puppy mills, fur farms, horse slaughter, backyard butchers, bear bile farms, canned hunts, trophy hunting, illegal Ivory trade, and the Asian live markets. The sick and disturbing list goes on an on… It would seem  the human mind is LIMITLESS when it pertains to formulating ways to commit torture!!!!!

Make no mistake folks, Humans are a fucking Plague and the Planet with all its inhabitants are DYING!

I’ve got a lot to say so bear with me…

Last week, I watched this undercover video by Mercy for Animals exposing egregious abuse on dairy farms as well as the video I blogged about in this post.  Suffice it to say, I was seething with anger and teetering on the brink.  Don’t misunderstand, this was not the first time I have seen videos like this, sadly, there are many many more but it was all starting to accumulate…

Moving on…

Animal rights activists are often referred to as “terroristsmostlty by the industries we expose. Furthermore, a former follower of my blog referred to me as “maniacal” and her daughter accused me of “stealing people’s freedoms, and making them feel unsafe?”  This statement alone proves how fucking ignorant some people truly are.  Help me understand: My speaking out against the abuse of animals is maniacal and yet people who do thisthis and this  are what…what are they…FUCKING HEROES????

Yah, noodle on that for a bit while you cast labels at the wrong people.

The day I decided to wear the title of “vegan extremistwith fucking pride was the evening, I discovered the story of BritchesI remember that evening well.  While watching the story of Britches, I had to stop and run to the bathroom so I could throw up.  I then returned to my laptop and forced myself to finish watching the story. Thankfully this story, unlike most, had a HAPPY ENDING – which is so rare in animal abuse cases.

The people who rescued Britches were called “Terrorists” and yet surprisingly the people who did this

Photo Source

to Britches are considered…what…again, help me out here. What are they???? Help me understand why the rescuers are terrorists and the people who did this to Britches are not.

Know this: The people who rescued Britches (Animal Liberation Front) are HEROES not TERRORISTS and anyone who thinks or says otherwise is a soulless, heartless, piece of shit.

Now that my eyes are open, I can no longer close them or turn my back on the exploitation of animals. I know some of my fellow vegans prefer to recline back into their velvety world of vegan cooking, baking, juicing and cruelty-free shopping all the while ignoring the exploitation taking place but I cannot close my eyes and turn my back on the voiceless because animals need a voice and I, like my fellow animal rights activists, are their voices.



My blog is not for the faint of heart. As I discover animal cruelty stories, I will post them on this blog, including photos and videos to make the public aware.   I am here to open people’s eyes and show them they have other choices — people need to know how an animal lived before it landed on their plate and what it really means when you donate money to “research”.

From time to time, I may stray from course and post a vegan recipe, or re-blog a vegan recipe from someone I follow.  I may also blog about something slightly political or here again re-blog a political point written by a fellow blogger that I agree with.  Also, sometimes I like to post a recent vintage purchase because I like to show people that you do not have to spend a lot of money to look good. Besides, re-purposing clothes instead of buying new clothes helps the planet not to mention it is better quality fabric than the textiles made today.

Lastly, by choosing a vegan lifestyle I am helping animals and the planet, not harming it.  If more people chose a vegan lifestyle, there is no telling how much we could change the world.

In closing, I do realize I sound like a major asshole in this *About* page. I won’t apologize. What can I say? I am passionate about animals rights so shoot me.  Contrary to how I may seem, I do have a sense of humor. The stupidest shit can (and does) make me laugh (including some TV commercials).  I love ballet, gardening, drawing and laughing with my best friend, Wheeza.  I may take animal rights to the extreme, but if I don’t, then who will?  Who will speak for them?

Any-hoo, if you care about animals as much as I do and do not find my *About* page offensive then please follow along on this journey with me and don’t forget to checkout some of the awesome bloggers I follow via my blogroll.


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    • Wow Kevin! That is so very thoughtful. Is there something specific I need to do? I’ve never been nominated before. 🙂

      • The rules are pretty much the same. Thank the nominator and link back to that site (me), reveal seven random facts about yourself, and nominate 15 other blogs, link to them, and let them know. If you stop by my site, you’ll get an idea. Congrats! You and your site are spectacular!

      • Ok thank you for explaining and thank you AGAIN for nominating me.

        I’m having a bit of an emotional weekend and as a result am in a funk. I just posted about it.

        Anyway, I’ll probably wait until tomorrow before I thank you and nominate others…

        Again, Kevin, THANK YOU for your kind words about my blog and for nominating me. I’m quite surprised because I’m constantly comparing my blog to others and often think my stinks. When I first learned of your blog thanks for being Freshly Pressed, I would often say to myself, I wish my blog was as awesome as NittyGrittyDirtMan! 🙂


      • I just read your post. There’s no timeline to respond. By the way, you can also copy and paste the award badge to your site. In the meantime, just be well.

      • I’m really embarrassed to admit this but due to the fact I a am a blog noob, I haven’t a clue has to how to add awards etc to my blog. I haven’t quite mastered widgets, assuming that’s how it is done. :-/


      • Miracles do happen! I figured it out. I’m working from home today due to the impending hurricane. I live south of Boston (closer to Providence actually) so there’s no point in my trying to make it into Boston, only to have to turn around and come home.

        Be safe. 🙂

      • I just read your moving post. There’s no timeline to respond. By the way, you can copy and paste the award badge to your site. In the meantime, just be well.

      • I have read some of your blog and although I have some different opinions on a couple things, i.e. I love pork, however the message that I see says be conscience and kind. Those are two really wonderful strengths. I would really appreciate if you could take a look at my blog http://www.dudegoogleit.wordpress.com. My blog reviews Content Management Systems, how to build sites easily and work from home. I have a page that shows people a list of links to search engines and directories for FREE. Bozz

    • Wow! Thank you Hannah — I really appreciate it. Thanks for following my blog. I really enjoy yours as well — keep those recipes coming… I’ve been leaning on you and one other blogger for ideas and inspiration. 🙂

      • Girl, you’re recipes have been a lifesaver after a long 50+ hour work week, not including my commute in/out of the city 5 days a week.

        BTW, despite being much older than you, I love the same music as you. You know who else does? A blogger I follow called NittyGrittyDirtyMan.

      • Holy crap, you have a super long work week. I hope you’re able to get some R&R on the weekends, although I know how quickly those 2 days fly by. I’m glad my recipes have been making things a little easier for you 🙂

        That’s awesome you like the same music – I’ll have to check out the blog you mentioned. Breakfast Club is on TV where I live right now, BTW 🙂

      • The weekends do fly by and I generally do not get much downtime which is why I have been posted to my blog during work hours (which is a huge no-no). I shouldn’t be taking such risks.

        After the New Year, it will be Q-end for us so I’ll be very busy until about Mid-Jan which means I won’t have much time to post anything until then.

        Yes, your recipes are a godsend.

        I love Breakfast Club. I graduated High School in 1985 and I believe that movie came out in 84?…

        Hey, have a wonderful holiday!!!

        All the best,

      • You grew up around all that great 80s music then – I’m jealous! While I vaguely recall hearing some it when I was little, I mostly got into it retroactively in the 1990s. To be born a few years earlier! Oh well.

        I used to sneak the Internet at work too. It’s hard not to when the temptation is literally at your fingertips! I hope all your work goes smoothly over the next few weeks and that you manage to get a little relaxation in over the holidays. Talk to you soon 🙂

  1. Nice reading about you, you are fighting for a very good cause, please tell me how to join you

    Thanks for visiting my blog Ajaytao2010@wordpress.com. Browse through the category sections, I feel you may definitely find something of your interest.

    • Hi there! I just discovered your blog via another blogger I follow. I love the message you are trying to send and seeing as I am going through a rough time right now, I don’t think it is a mistake that I happened upon your blog.

      I’m not sure what you mean by “please tell me how to join you.” do you mean follow my blog? http://girrlearth@wordpress.com


  2. “Never trust a person who doesn’t like animals.” Your dad is right. And…Great George Bernard Shaw with his “We can judge the heart of man by his treatment of animals,” is too.

    Nice to meet you.

    And we are a plague, most of the time because we are beyond privileged and narcissistic on many levels. There is no listening beyond ourselves and the whole thing is on a collision course. I have to agree. But there are some fighters, and we have to be grateful for em.’

    Looks like you are, and I am…. looking forward to your blog.

  3. Hey there Susan! I discovered your blog through Greg’s blog, Animals Deserve to Live. Congrats on being vegan for two years! I’m coming up close behind with a year and a half under my belt. I started down this path for health reasons, but then I watched the movie Vegucated and it opened my eyes to the horrible way humans treat animals. I don’t know why I didn’t get it before, but I just didn’t. After this, I became and ethical vegan. I’m always happy to meet others who are working hard to protect animals from us humans. More power to you! Celeste 🙂

  4. You are not alone in your views, or your passion for the voiceless. Nor in the strength of heart required to constantly be witness to the torturous and barbaric cruelty inflicted on creatures that is at epidemic levels. It is only by exposing these horrors that hopefully we can change hearts and minds. Check out my ‘about page’….we are singing the same song.

    • It is good to know there are others out there, like me, who share my disdain for what some members of the human race are doing to animals.

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting. I have been following your blog for some time now.


  5. Thanks for following Life As a Wave. We have very similar genesis stories as vegans! (I accidentally stumbled upon Animal Voice in high school as well and it changed my life!) We have different viewpoints about the human race it seems 🙂 but that is what I love about us…our diversity and the thrill in the dynamics of how we connect (and disconnect) with each other and the world around us. Looking forward to reading more.
    ~~~S Wave~~~

  6. Hello,
    It is my honor and privilege to nominate your blog for the Awesome Blog Content Award. If you already have the award, please excuse my mistake and accept the nomination as a sincere statement of my appreciation for your excellent work.
    I posted the requirements for the award on my website: http://garryrogers.com. They are in the second post on my home page.

  7. I think everything you stand for is effin’ awesome! Don’t know how I missed your blog… I’ve been wanting to become vegetarian for a while. I’ve started buying meat replacements, but I can’t find any my kids like. Tried serving them veggie sausages yesterday and they dry heaved a little.

    I am no where near your level of knowledge regarding clean eating, but I would like to think I’m a teeny bit educated in the grocery store. rarely do I buy off the shelves. People have no idea what they are eating every day. An innocent box of crackers can lead to serious disease if eaten over a period of years. I read ingredients like a maniac and my kids think I’m a lunatic. My hubby thinks I’ve lost it because I prefer to buy organic cat food for my lil’ Bella. The way most pet food is made is disgusting. Recently found out that dead animals scraped of off highways around the world find their way into cans of Alpo and Friskies.

    I don’t find you offensive in the least. You rock! Will definitely be following your blog!

    • Wow! Thank you Kim. This means a lot. I really appreciate your honesty.

      It is easy for me to be a vegan because I’m divorced (from the narcissist) and I do not have any children. That said, I do follow some truly awesome vegan bloggers that have families and everyone is vegan.

      One of my favorite bloggers is: Somer at VedgedOut — she has some amazing recipes that can feed the entire family. You should check her out. http://vedgedout.com/ If you nav on over to her blog, you will see she lists other awesome vegan bloggers like Annie at Unrefined Vegan and so on. These bloggers have managed to convert their entire families to a vegan diet without the “dry heaves” (lol!) When I am in need of inspiration, I’ll search their sites for new menu ideas.

      Lastly, thank you for following my blog. I feel the same about yours. I need to work on raising my vibration and shaking off the effects of living with and be associated to a disordered person for 12 years. There is much to be learned from you and your blog. I’m glad I found you because I can feel that you are here to help me with my journey. 🙂

      • The feeling is mutual. During ten minutes on your blog, I’ve resolved to eat cleaner, explore vegetarianism more, which will in turn help me lose the 30 pounds I gained through emotional eating, which will help me fit into those 50’s vintage clothes 🙂

        More importantly, more awareness regarding animal rights. I remember the last time I ate chicken from Bojangles, which has been several months ago. It so happened I’d eaten two wings, both of which were broken. I felt sick because it made me realize, the chickens wings may have been broken while he or she was still alive.

        I think animals are spiritual. My cat and I have a connection that is expressed when we look at one another (of course, when she’s not being chased by my 4 yr-old…ha!) Animals can sense whether someone is good/bad/evil. There’s a reason behind that…

        I’ll stop rambling on…just glad I found your blog 🙂 Thanks for the links, too 🙂

      • Ramble any time. 🙂

        I am glad we found one another. It looks like the Universe connected us for a reason. We were brought together to learn from one another.

        And I agree — there is much to be learned from animals. I have 5 cats and I can read/understand every single one, and they can read me — they know when I am down, depressed or unhappy.

        Women often ask me if they will lose weight going vegan and my response to them is this: yes, provided you do not replace the animal products with vegan junk food — there are a lot of vegan foods out there that are equally as fattening as the animal version. My advice to these women is give up dairy first. Lose the dairy and you will start to notice changes in your body. It took about 6 months for me to notice the benefits of going vegan (which included giving up all dairy). I recently celebrated my 3 year vegan anniversary and I am 25 lbs lighter and I feel great.

        The book that motivated me to go vegan was: The Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone. I had been a lacto-ovo vegetarian prior to reading her book.

        In closing, please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.


    • My pleasure. I saw a comment you left on CUCH’s site and decided to check and see what “Rebuilding Rob” was all about. As I had suspected, the premise of your blog was inspired by divorce. I read a few of your posts and liked what I saw. 🙂

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