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I think most of us who blog can agree on one thing: our blogs are a work in progress and GiRRL_Earth is no different.  Sooooooooo please bear with me as I tweak this here blog, m-kay?  I realize the clip art sucks, [yep I admit it, it does] but until I find or create some kind of graphic that represents the true purpose of the blog, this suck-ass clip art will just have to suffice.      😐

If anyone has any ideas, please send them along as I am an open and willing to hear what y’all have to say.  So bring it…c’mon now… don’t be shy.



A Little Dose of Cuteness and Really Mr. Fellowes?!?!

I have nothing to blog about today. Why? Because I am still reeling from last night’s episode of Downton Abbey. I mean really Mr. Fellowes?!?!  Couldn’t you have waited until we were a wee bit deeper into the new season before knocking me and the rest of your loyal followers for a blow?  I went to bed with puffy eyes and a stuffed nose because of  you!   😦

Early into the program, I happened to look over to my right and there on the sofa next to me was a love moment between Sammy (orange Tabby) and Azzy (Choc. Point Siamese).

Super cuteness right?

Love Moment: Sammy & Azzy

Love Moment: Sammy & Azzy

Everything but the Kitchen Sink Soup (vegan)

I’m feeling a cold coming on. No surprise considering the hours I’ve worked this month thanks to Q-end.  Friday evening,  I stopped at Whole Paycheck [Foods] and literally walked down the produce aisle, placing a sundry of veggies in my cart. Then I picked up a package of vegan “fake” chorizo, moseyed on over to dry good section for some Garbanzo beans and a can of plum tomatoes. Today I threw everything into a pot and Voila! [No Oil] Everything but the Kitchen Sink Soup (I didn’t know what else to call it).      :-/

No Oil Everything but the Kitchen Sink Soup (vegan)

No Oil Everything but the Kitchen Sink Soup (vegan)

Kitchen Sink Soup_2 Kitchen Sink Soup_3


  • Mirepoix (Celery/Carrots/Yellow Onion)
  • Daikon Radish
  • Vegan Chorizo
  • Baby Bella Mushrooms ~ sliced
  • 1 Can Garbanzo Beans ~ rinsed
  • 1 large Can of Plum Whole Tomatoes
  • Kale
  • Water ~ 32 oz +/1

Method of Prep:

  • Water Saute Mirepoix (rough chopped)
  • Add rough chopped Daikon (gently peeled)
  • Add sliced Vegan Chorizo
  • Add sliced Baby Bella Mushrooms
  • Add rinsed Garbanzo Beans
  • Add plum tomatoes (crush the tomatoes with your hands as you add them to the pot)
  • Fill tomato can with water, add to pot
  • Add additional water (amounts vary)
  • Allow to simmer until vegetables are al dente (or to your preference)

Turn off heat and add the chopped Kale.


P.s. I did not use any oil1, salt or spices in this dish as I felt the vegan chorizo contained enough sodium and spices which added a nice flavor.   However, season as you see fit, if you’re so inclined to make this.  


1  The reason I did not saute the mirepoix in oil is because thanks to Somer @ VedgedOut; Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s book: Eat to Live as well as Dr. Neal Barnard’s  book: Reversing Diabetes (I am not a diabetic, btw) I have given up oil and all fats in my diet.  I have been a no-oil vegan for 1 month and 27 days and I have to say,  I feel fantastic; my digestion has improved and better yet, I have lost 6 freakin’ lbs without even trying!    🙂




Friday, January 25, 2013 Recap & Perspective

What a day I had yesterday. Whew!  The day kicked off 4:45 a.m. with a Declaration of Hate email from a former blog follower.  I read that email over coffee while listening to NPR (like one does).   As I showered, I thought about how today is the deadline for all of my Q-end Fund Commentary and a good percentage of the Analysts I rely on for this information are behind as well – to no fault of their own, I mean hey, it’s Q-end and they have a lot going on like catering to the PMs (portfolio managers).

I ran into a friend on the train, who told me about something painful that’s going on in her life.

I arrived at work only to realize I had forgotten there was a welcome breakfast for our new hire.  Knowing there wasn’t going to be anything at the breakfast I can eat I opted to skip the soiree and proceed to roll up my sleeves and dig into my work.

Last night we all received brand new 24” monitors. Due to the type of work we do, we all have double monitors as singles just don’t cut it.  Anyway, after I settled in, I overheard our resident Temp, who has been with us for over a year now; complain how she only got one monitor. I stood up in my cube to say that I lobbied for her to get two – because I was in the office last night while the tech guys were doing their ‘thing’.  I further explained, short of twisting an arm [figure of fucking speech, btw!!!!], there wasn’t much I could do for her because according to one of the tech dudes, there is only so much inventory ordered per cost center.  I listened to her rant for, I don’t know say a good solid 15 minutes, all the while thinking, honey, if you think you’ve got problems, try dealing with what I’ve got on my plate today…

Throughout the morning, I was receiving pressure from every angle because today, as mentioned above, is a critical deadline and I lost a day thanks in part to Monday being a holiday.  There were moments throughout the morning where I could feel the stress closing in on me. My chest felt tight, my neck ached and all I wanted to do was just disappear.

But I knew I had to get a grip.  I needed to do what a former manager used say to do: “Take a walk, go reset yourself and come back.” So that’s what I did.  While sucking in 20 degree fresh air, I realized that there are people out there right now who would be happy to trade places with me if this is my only worry and care in the world…

Armed with a new perspective I returned to the office. Opened up MSFT Word and typed the following in a large font, printed it and placed it on my desk, in front of my keyboard:

  • 3 days ago a co-worker died suddenly at the age of 50. No explanation or understanding of why.  His family is shocked and devastated, to say the least.
  • My brother passed away at the same age in 2010 and his birthday is coming up on Jan 31st – I’m sure the kids he left behind are realizing the same thing, which will only resurrect the memories of seeing their father dying at home under hospice care while cancer ravaged his body.
  • A co-worker’s wife is in the ICU from the flu. Evidently, the flu virus has gone to her brain and she is currently in a coma and my co-worker is an ABSOLUTE FUCKING WRECK!
  • This morning, another co-worker of mine told me her dog has been diagnosed with terminal cancer.  And she too is an ABSOLUTE FUCKING WRECK.
  • As I type this, millions of animals are suffering and dying at the hands of humans and the consequences of these actions are affecting our planet.
  • While I sit here typing, millions of people all over the world and even in the good ole USA are going without food and shelter thanks in part to any of the following: war,  poverty, food shortagesjoblessness, homelessness and so on.  These people are going without basic needs while I am sitting here, eating an apple, with a roof over my head, a god job, clothing, and free access to water.
  • And what I have failed to realize is simply this:  when some bit of drama rises up in my life I need to focus on the big picture and take into consideration that others have it much much worse and what I am going through, in this very moment, is so insignificant in the grand scheme of things that I should be grateful for what I have and realize that in the great grand picture otherwise known as the Universe, I am nothing more than a fucking speck and when I die, the Universe will continue on loooooooong after I am dead and gone.

Suffice it say, I was able to get through the remainder of my day with some much needed perspective!

Enjoy your weekend everyone!


Sometimes You Need to Wear the “Vegan Extremist” Label with Pride By Free from Harm | January 22, 2013 | Categories: Veganism

Sometimes You Need to Wear the “Vegan Extremist” Label with Pride By Free from Harm 

Being dismissed as an extremist isn’t the worst thing in the world. But as a new animal activist, I used to unconsciously dread this accusation. I carefully worded my responses to avoid it at all costs. No more. Now liberated from fear of being labeled extreme, I whole-heartedly encourage others to abandon their fear.

Why do I think it is so important to do this? Well, for starters, overcoming fear of being called an extremist is not only freeing, but character-building. It promotes our self-esteem, our feeling of moral worth — qualities that our critics want to crush.

Indeed, they hope that upon being tagged an extremist, we will run away with tails tucked. Then, they hope, we’ll come crawling back, badly bruised, and cave in to their attacks, softening our stance enough to make such innocuous statements as, “Well, I guess it’s okay to raise ‘food’ animals ‘humanely.’” The trouble is,

Woody Harrelson Joins With The HSUS to Say No to Fur

Michelle McDonald from the Humane Society is introducing an easy to watch and informative video with Woody Harrelson about why you should say no to fur.

* * * * * * * * * *

The HSUS unveiled a thought-provoking new video, narrated by actor Woody Harrelson, which spares viewers the gory images, but leaves no one in doubt as to the cruelties of the fur trade. It’s rare that we’re able to convey the inhumane and horrible realities of fur production and what happens to animals killed for their fur – live skinning, genital electrocution, pets being killed in leg hold traps – without actual violent footage, but this video does just that. A stuffed fox toy shows us exactly why there is no excuse for fashion designers to use fur and no reason for consumers to buy or wear it. The whole industry is, in a word, unnecessary…


Original Source:


Please sign the petition to save the lions.

First Light Productions

Last month, Zambia’s Minister of Tourism and Arts, Sylvia T. Masebo, announced that specific hunting licenses would be suspended as they had “been abused to the extent they threatened animal populations.”

This week the Zambian government banned lion and leopard hunting across the board, citing that populations have abruptly declined in recent years.

Botswana has decreed a country-wide ban on sport hunting to begin on January 1, 2014. Botswanan President Ian Khama noted, “The shooting of wild game for sport and trophies is no longer compatible with our commitment to preserve local fauna.”

Kenya banned trophy hunting and dealing in wildlife in 1977. Trophy hunting was properly cited at the time by the new Kenyan government as “a barbaric relic of colonialism.”


Lions have disappeared from over 80% of their historic range, and their population declined by nearly 50% from just 1980 to 2002. The threats facing African lions…

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MAN: A must-See Animation Short by London-based Illustrator Steve Cutts

Original Post From: Free From Harm



The animated short known as MAN is a darkly comic, disturbing view of our species who wreaks havoc on other species and on nature itself. MAN is a parable of a man in conflict with the world at large, seeking power over rather than unity with it. MAN offers a biting commentary on this male character’s destructive and violent pathos. MAN shows a human being at his worst, creating vast suffering for animals at every turn. And in the end, MAN, sitting on his throne, is dealt a karmic blow. He is destroyed by beings from another planet who land on earth, squish him into a welcome mat, then shuffle off in their spaceship.

As this video reaches almost 1.5 million views on Facebook, some interesting commentary has

Fur Coat Siting

Updated: 1:25PM

Folks, some of you who read this post, liked it; however, some did not. So this update is for those of you who have read this post and found yourselves offended or worried that I may be one of those animal rights extremists.

Please know that I was not literally going to do anything to that woman, I mean, c’mon, really????  Would I blog about it if I were????

The dialogue that was running through my head was similar to the dialogue that probably has run through your head when someone cuts you off in traffic; cuts in front of  you in line; stole your identity (this happened to me); overcharged you for something; damaged your property; or caused harm to a member of your family.  That’s it folks, just dialogue. I’m a rationale person a who cares deeply about animal injustice — that is all. If I cannot use this blog as a forum to vocalize my feelings on animal cruelty as well as educate the public, well then what is the point of this blog? Would my thoughts and feelings be more justified if I witnessed the woman killing and skinning the animal? Someone bought that coat (or maybe she bought it) and she chose to wear the coat which sends a message she doesn’t care that animals suffered and died for their fur.

Hmmm, maybe I should remove the Cubby post, I mean, if I cannot speak out against fur, then why speak out against what happened to Cubby?  People were outraged over that story. People are outraged when I share the dirty dark secrets of factory farming.   People were outraged when they learned of The Cove.  So why can’t I be angry and outraged over fur coats???????  If I am going to be a vegan and the voice of the voiceless then I have no choice but to be 100% into the cause, not cherry pick. I am an all or nothing person — no half-ass going on in my world.

Lastly, show me one person who hasn’t at one point in their life said the following: I’m going to kill you. Or, I’m going to kick your ass. Or, I’m going to catch the bastard who did XYZ.   It’s dialogue, right folks?

Full Disclosure: I own two fur coats. One belonged to my Nonna; and the other to the woman who used to own my house.  Do I wear these coats, heck no. Should I sell them? I just don’t’ know.

I mean what does one do with two vintage fur coats???? 



I have removed the original post — it just isn’t worth it to even go down this road… 


F*CKING SICK BASTARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First Light Productions

Canned Hunting

Information about this nefarious but widespread activity is hard to get. Obviously, the people involved  prefer to keep a low profile. But here’s an example of the kind of mind set that allows it to proliferate.

In 2004, Troy Gentry, half of the musical group Montgomery Gentry, paid Lee Marvin Greenly, the owner of Minnesota Wildlife Connections, to kill a “large trophy caliber bear” that Greenly owned by the name of Cubby.

Greenly promotes himself as a wildlife photography business providing captive-held animals for individuals to photograph in a wild setting.

Cubby was a tame bear, hand fed by Greenly with no fear of people. After the bear developed dental problems, Greenly sold him to Gentry, a bow hunter, for $4600, then helped him stage a video that portrayed the “hunt” as a wild encounter.

The video contains a scene in which Gentry and Greenly talk on camera…

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Juggernauts versus Underdogs


I addressed this somewhat in my last post, so apologies if anyone finds it repetitive.  Still, the more I think about it, the more it needs saying.  There’s also been extremely recent developments that make it even more noteworthy.

In that last post, I mentioned that Bat World Sanctuary was doing extremely well, against all conventional reason and logic, in the Mozilla Firefox Challenge over on Crowdrise.  First place, in fact, and vying primarily against Jimmy Kimmel and the Ian Somerhalder Foundation without the benefit of celebrity.

I mention this again because it’s a big deal.  This is a world where labor unions are despised even by the people they purport to unite because they’ve been subverted by those they’re meant to oppose, and where the voice of a common voter only serves to have him or her pandered to when there’s an election going, after which they are…

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Intolerably cruelty! If you’re eating “meat”, you’ve got blood on your hands.


Photo Images Courtesy of:


First Light Productions

Nine employees of a pig breeding farm near Wheatland, Wyoming have been cited for cruelty to animals after an investigation of abuse by the Humane Society of the U.S. (HSUS).


The abuse at Wyoming Premium Farms LLC came to light in May following release of an HSUS undercover video.


Cited for cruelty to animals:

Wyoming Premium Farms assistant manager Shawn Colson, seven counts of cruelty to animals.
Kyla Erin Adams, two counts.
Bryan David Bienz Jr., two counts.
Jarrod Barney Juarez, two counts.
Kali E. Oseland, four counts.
Steve Perry, three counts.
Edward Raymond “Jake” Pritekel, three counts.
Richard Pritekel, four counts.
Patrick D. Rukavina, three counts.

An animal cruelty conviction in Wyoming carries a maximum penalty of up to two years in prison and/or a $5,000 fine. All nine  abusers have been reportedly fired from the farm since the…

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Six Common Objections to a Vegan Diet that Keep People from Making the Changes They Say They Want to Make

Re-blogged from: Free From Harm


Illustration courtesy of Bizzaro Comics

In developing my new workshop series on Overcoming Objections to a Vegan Diet, I am researching the most common objections out there. Here are six of them with some short responses. More to come in the future.

  1. Habit: “I’m a busy working mom who doesn’t have time to adapt to a whole new way of feeding my family.” Response: Once you get past the initial learning curve, it will become second nature to you.It’s time to break the “hand-me-down” habits we inherit, and replace them with habits aligned with our values of respect for animals, the environment, and our own well-being.
  2. Direct Denial: “I don’t want to know.” Response:Humans are natural truth-seekers. We especially want to know when something is being concealed from us — and why. The truth about eating animals is a classic Matrix challenge. The message of the Matrix is that the truth can be initially painful but is ultimately liberating. For a great perspective on this, see social psychologist Melanie Joy’s presentation.
  3. Pseudo-ethical: “I only buy cage-free eggs.” Response: Is cage-free anything more than marketing hype? A closer examination of the life of cage-free hens reveals  suffering on many levels. Here’s a good overview of so-called “humane” farming.
  4. Convenience: “I don’t see any non-animal-based options where I shop.” Response: Look closer. The options are out there. If you learn more about your true nutritional needs,… to finish reading, click here

2012 Year-End Gratitude

When I created this blog, I made a vow that at the end of every year I would write a Gratitude Recap.  Today is January 9, 2013 and I am looooooooooong overdue in writing.  In fairness, it is Q-end and I work with fund managers so there’s a lot going on. The avalanche of work I have will not subside until January 25th.

I will admit I have had various drafts in my head since December 24, 2012; however, I failed to keep notes so I keep losing thoughts on what I’m going to write about.  While riding the train home, I’ll start a really great post (again, my head ) and then by the time the train arrives at the station, I exit the train, walk home and suddenly POOF, the awesome post is gone…   😦

I’m still at work and taking a break from my Q-end responsibilities with the hopes of getting something written so I can scratch this off my personal To Do list.  So without further adieu, here is my 2012 Gratitude Recap (or asiRuniBreath says, “Attitude of Gratitude” – don’t you just LOVE that???).  

Ok, deep breath… cracking knuckles…here goes nothing:

First, I would like to thank all the bloggers who are following my blog.  The fact that I picked up any traffic at all is a miracle in itself – and to that, I amforever grateful.

I am grateful that I have had the opportunity to own four homes. I am currently living in my 4th home  and still own my 3rd (the 3rd is technically a condo not a house but whatever!).  When I think about our economic climate and the hardships people are facing (and have been facing for some time), I am grateful that I was able to purchase my 4th home in January of 2012 during such turbulent times.

I am also grateful for SMA who has been patiently helping me update my latest purchase.   To give you some back story:  January 2012 I purchased the most adorable 1915 home.  The previous owner had lived there for 75 years (and passed away in the home). She was 2nd generation Italian who raised 4 children in the house, all of whom are now in their 60s and 70s.  Suffice it to say the house was loved. The first time I walked through it, I could feel the positive energy.  All of the previous owners things were still in the home: furniture, dishes, clothes, crucifixes, statues of Mother Mary – you name it, everything. It was like a shrine. I felt as though I was walking through my Nonna’s house.  I knew I wanted this house but it was over priced, way overpriced.  By using the power of positive thinking and meditation/prayer, I envisioned the house as mine.  Four weeks later, I received a call from my Broker. She said the sellers reduced the price.  Through the power of positive attitude and boat loads of gratitude the house is mine and I couldn’t be happier.  I believe humility and gratitude carry a person a long way. I believe in the power of gratitude and the house solidifies my beliefs. If you toss out positive energy, positive energy will come back to you. If you toss out hate and negativity– hell bent on hurting someone, well then that shit will come back to bite you on the ass ten-fold.

Moving on…

I am grateful for Wheeza (nickname).  Wheeza is my GBFF and no one *gets me* the way Wheeza does. If I am having a bad day and send him an email, he always manages to brighten my mood – he has a gift for finding the humor in everything. We understand each others boundaries and we don’t need to see/speak or hang out all the time to know we are still good friends.  Wheeza and I have known each other for a very long time (20 years) and I cherish my friendship with him.

I am grateful for AMF.  She doesn’t always *get me* the way Wheeza does but AMF has a good heart and soul. She would do anything for you and as I mentioned in last year’s Gratitude Post: she always manages to remember significant dates in my life.  She is a walking diary, I swear.  One thing I’ve always admired about AMF is her humility. She doesn’t show hubris. You’ll never hear her say, “Oh I’m a good person.” Or “I was raised right.”  My belief is: if you have to say it, you’re not.  She doesn’t have to say it because everyone knows she’s is a good person. She cares deeply about the people in her life and she always manages to make time for everyone.

Yvonne.  Ah, Yvonne…my sister from another mother.  I have known Yvonne for 30 years (OMG! I just did the math and cannot believe it).  She and I are like ships in the night but when we catch up, we always pick up right where we left off.  Yvonne is fiercely loyal (she’s a Scorpio) and if anyone crosses me, she always comes to my defense.  If I go to her with a problem, she will analyze it like a courtroom litigator and come back with advice. I always enjoy catching up with her and listening to her latest escapades. She could write a sitcom.

I am grateful for the people in my life who have taught me to take the high road.  Recently I learned a former friend is bad mouthing me to all and sundry.  The old me would have lashed out but this new, more relaxed me, learned that it isn’t worth it.  I was advised to “feel sorry for her” and to take into consideration that something must be missing from her life to make her react in such a hateful way.  I’m not sure I feel sorry for her but I do pity her or anyone who fosters hate and hits below the belt.  Life’s too short and as someone who lived through a trying time in 2010 (medically as well as lost a brother) I know first hand that it aint fucking worth it!

I am grateful that I can get up everyday and see the sky, clouds, sun, birds, trees, and squirrels. Snuggle with my furry babies, breath the fresh air, walk to the train, garden in my back yard, dance ballet at my Wednesday evening ballet classes, have use of both arms, legs and four sense. I worked with a woman who is blind. She taught me so much about being grateful for what I have.  Despite being blind, she can sew, cook and she never ever missed a day of work, ever!  I think about that every time I contemplate calling in sick.

I am grateful for the skills I learned by attending culinary school as well as work experience I gained in the field as a pastry cook. I wouldn’t trade that experience for anything – totally worth it.

I am grateful for the food in my fridge and cupboards – I know many are suffering and most don’t’ know this but people are starving in this country, never mind 3rd World Countries.  Every time I go to the grocery story, I make it a point to pick up something for my local food pantry.  A huge jar or PB as well as a case of Cat Food can help a person and animal in need.  My local food pantry director told me most people forget to donate food for animals, but as you can see by this blog, I never forget my furry friends.


Well folks, it’s 6:25 p.m. and I need to start packing up and head to the train.  I’m beat and my brain feels foggy so I am going to end this recap.  If I have more to add, I will.

A domani (until tomorrow),


Animal and Plant Cruelty

If I can open just one person’s eyes to the egregious cruelty of farm animals – convincing one person to choose a vegan lifestyle, well then I have the ability to influence more people.
I have been following Scott’s blog for some time now and today he brightened my day with his post: Animal and Plant Cruelty. I hope you’ll take the time to read it.

World in Motion

I’ve always had a very logical argument as to why I am not a vegetarian.   Vegetables are living entities just like animals.  They feel in different ways, experience the world in manners we cannot comprehend, but they are life forms just as we are.  Since in the animal kingdom it is natural for creatures to eat both plants and animals, there can’t be anything inherently wrong with eating meat.   A cat could never become a vegetarian and survive, for example.  As long as we do not over-indulge, eating other living entities, plant or animal, is natural.

Lately, though, I am rethinking my argument.   Not that I’m doubting the logic, but there is another factor to take into account: corporate farming.   Consider:  In the Laura Ingalls Wilder book Little House in the Big Woods, Pa butchers a pig that they have been raising for some time…

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Need a New Year’s Resolution – How about going Vegan!

Hi GE Followers!

It’s Quarter-end at work and I have been up to my eyeballs in fund reviews.  But that’s not why I’m writing.

Since Christmas, I have been reading the blogs that I follow and almost everyone has either written a 2012 recap or written about their future goals/resolutions for 2013.  A good percentage of the blogs I follow are fellow vegans; however, some are not and hey that is their choice, I’m not passing judgment here; well at least I’m trying not to.


Every morning my routine involves catching up on the news feeds about animal cruelty stories.  These stories encompass all animals from family pets to animals raised for consumption or bred for fur.  I also ride the Commuter Rail in/out of the city five days a week and almost every day I encounter some level of rudeness from people (natch!); although, generally I brush it off.  With that said, do you want to know what really goes up my ass 90 MPH?  When I overhear conversations from these so-called “Foodies” who discuss the food they either prepared or ate at a restaurant. I especially grow annoyed when I overhear someone blather on about their grass-fed beef, the free-range chicken and their “organic” cheese.  In the past, I have posted about these food labels; however, allow me to rant about those labels here as a refresher: Grass-Fed, Free-Range and Organic Meat Labels DO NOT MEAN A DAMN THING!!! Their sole purpose is to ease consumer guilt.  When people hear: Free-Range Chicken, they assume the chicken spent it’s life running around a farm, taking dirt baths (which is a natural instinct), and basking in the sun.  The same applies to “grass-fed beef”. I’m sure most people conjure up thoughts of cows basking in a field, rubbing up against fence posts, receiving daily back rubs from their local farmers while nibbling on fresh grass — when nothing could be farther from the truth – their entire lives have been spent indoors – no fresh air, no blue skies, no sun on their backs, nada!   Oh and don’t even get me started on those stupid dairy cow commercials on TV showing happy cows as members of someone’s family, taking showers, and playing board games.  Yah, I bet all the dairy cows suffering right now as I type this post would love a life like that.  Folks, these labels ease your guilt while the animals suffer until they land on your plate, in your glass or on your pizza – trust me on this.  If you need further proof or documentation I suggest navigating to:

As for pigs, well, when was the last time you heard: “Free-Range Pig”? Or “Grass-Fed Pig?”  You haven’t right? No, neither have I.  Pigs endure such horrible abuse that it cuts me straight through to my core.  I’m not saying or even implying that the abuse pigs endure trumps the abuse of all other animals, but it’s hard to watch sows imprisoned in gestation crates their entire lives (which is up to 4 years).   I have always had a thing for pigs and I don’t know why that is. I mean I love all animals, but pigs hold a special place in my heart.  Maybe my connection to them stems from some ability to see their intelligence.  I honestly don’t know…

If you’d like to read a heartwarming story about a pig rescue, check out this story of Julia, a pregnant sow rescued from a factory farm. She endure horrible abuse before landing at the Farm Sanctuary (thank G-d!).

In conclusion, the reason I am a vegan is because I cannot subscribe to the abuse farm animals endure – whether these animals are bred on small farms or raised in a factory – the abuse is the same as is the way they are slaughtered. I can no more fathom eating my cat (and in some countries, people do!), than I can eat a cow, pig, steer, chicken, turkey, et al.  All animals have feelings; form bonds; and feel pain.  If you are justifying your animal consumption by declaring that you only eat: Grass-Fed or Free Range, well then you are deluding yourself and trying to justify your position.  IMHO, if you want to continue eating animals and consuming dairy then it is your moral imperative to watch Earthlings  If you can sit through the entire movie, well then maybe you should have your pulse checked to see if you are still alive. Better yet, have your psyche checked to see if you are human because I absolutely could NOT sit through this entire movie and I don’t see how any animal lover could. 

Before I close this post, I hope you will consider going Vegan.  If you can work up the courage to watch Earthlings, I thank you. If not, perhaps you could watch this short video that shows egregious abuse taking place inside a factory farm as well as a so-called “organic” farm. The video shows abuse to: pigs, cows, chickens as well a fish. I hope you’ll watch.


The source of this video is from: What came before

Thank you.