February 23, 2013

I am grateful for the woman in my office who said I looked “Gamine” and that I reminded her of Jean Seberg.  I told her that was the first time anyone has ever called me: “Eflish; Slim or Boyish“. Her response, “Well, there is a first time for everything.”  True, so very very true.  She asked if I knew who Jean Seaberg is, and i said, “Of course — her pixie is infamous”.  I then asked her if she happened to notice the 1950s vintage coat I was wearing and she said, “Indeed — it’s all part of the package.”


January 19, 2013

I am grateful today for funny-as-shit bloggers like TheJigglyBits who say things like: “That said, everyone [and by that, I mean me and my cats] knows that the only penis that turns me on is connected to a man who fixes shit in my house.” which in turn make my LMFAO!!!!

Thanks TheJigglyBits!!!!  🙂


January 8, 2013:

I am grateful for the compliment some man yelled out his car window, about my legs,  as I walked down the street on my way home from the train station.  To quote: “You have some awesome legs under that skirt!”  At my age (45, soon to be 46), dammit, I’ll take it!!!!



2012 Year-End Gratitude

When I created this blog, I made a vow that at the end of every year I would write a Gratitude Recap.  Today is January 9, 2013 and I am looooooooooong overdue in writing.  In fairness, it is Q-end and I work with fund managers so there’s a lot going on. The avalanche of work I have will not subside until January 25th.

I will admit I have had various drafts in my head since December 24, 2012; however, I failed to keep notes so I keep losing thoughts on what I’m going to write about.  While riding the train home, I’ll start a really great post (again, my head ) and then by the time the train arrives at the station, I exit the train, walk home and suddenly POOF, the awesome post is gone…   😦

I’m still at work and taking a break from my Q-end responsibilities with the hopes of getting something written so I can scratch this off my personal To Do list.  So without further adieu, here is my 2012 Gratitude Recap (or asiRuniBreath says, “Attitude of Gratitude” – don’t you just LOVE that???).  

Ok, deep breath… cracking knuckles…here goes nothing:

First, I would like to thank all the bloggers who are following my blog.  The fact that I picked up any traffic at all is a miracle in itself – and to that, I amforever grateful.

I am grateful that I have had the opportunity to own four homes. I am currently living in my 4th home  and still own my 3rd (the 3rd is technically a condo not a house but whatever!).  When I think about our economic climate and the hardships people are facing (and have been facing for some time), I am grateful that I was able to purchase my 4th home in January of 2012 during such turbulent times.

I am also grateful for SMA who has been patiently helping me update my latest purchase.   To give you some back story:  January 2012 I purchased the most adorable 1915 home.  The previous owner had lived there for 75 years (and passed away in the home). She was 2nd generation Italian who raised 4 children in the house, all of whom are now in their 60s and 70s.  Suffice it to say the house was loved. The first time I walked through it, I could feel the positive energy.  All of the previous owners things were still in the home: furniture, dishes, clothes, crucifixes, statues of Mother Mary – you name it, everything. It was like a shrine. I felt as though I was walking through my Nonna’s house.  I knew I wanted this house but it was over priced, way overpriced.  By using the power of positive thinking and meditation/prayer, I envisioned the house as mine.  Four weeks later, I received a call from my Broker. She said the sellers reduced the price.  Through the power of positive attitude and boat loads of gratitude the house is mine and I couldn’t be happier.  I believe humility and gratitude carry a person a long way. I believe in the power of gratitude and the house solidifies my beliefs. If you toss out positive energy, positive energy will come back to you. If you toss out hate and negativity– hell bent on hurting someone, well then that shit will come back to bite you on the ass ten-fold.

Moving on…

I am grateful for Wheeza (nickname).  Wheeza is my GBFF and no one *gets me* the way Wheeza does. If I am having a bad day and send him an email, he always manages to brighten my mood – he has a gift for finding the humor in everything. We understand each others boundaries and we don’t need to see/speak or hang out all the time to know we are still good friends.  Wheeza and I have known each other for a very long time (20 years) and I cherish my friendship with him.

I am grateful for AMF.  She doesn’t always *get me* the way Wheeza does but AMF has a good heart and soul. She would do anything for you and as I mentioned in last year’s Gratitude Post: she always manages to remember significant dates in my life.  She is a walking diary, I swear.  One thing I’ve always admired about AMF is her humility. She doesn’t show hubris. You’ll never hear her say, “Oh I’m a good person.” Or “I was raised right.”  My belief is: if you have to say it, you’re not.  She doesn’t have to say it because everyone knows she’s is a good person. She cares deeply about the people in her life and she always manages to make time for everyone.

Yvonne.  Ah, Yvonne…my sister from another mother.  I have known Yvonne for 30 years (OMG! I just did the math and cannot believe it).  She and I are like ships in the night but when we catch up, we always pick up right where we left off.  Yvonne is fiercely loyal (she’s a Scorpio) and if anyone crosses me, she always comes to my defense.  If I go to her with a problem, she will analyze it like a courtroom litigator and come back with advice. I always enjoy catching up with her and listening to her latest escapades. She could write a sitcom.

I am grateful for the people in my life who have taught me to take the high road.  Recently I learned a former friend is bad mouthing me to all and sundry.  The old me would have lashed out but this new, more relaxed me, learned that it isn’t worth it.  I was advised to “feel sorry for her” and to take into consideration that something must be missing from her life to make her react in such a hateful way.  I’m not sure I feel sorry for her but I do pity her or anyone who fosters hate and hits below the belt.  Life’s too short and as someone who lived through a trying time in 2010 (medically as well as lost a brother) I know first hand that it aint fucking worth it!

I am grateful that I can get up everyday and see the sky, clouds, sun, birds, trees, and squirrels. Snuggle with my furry babies, breath the fresh air, walk to the train, garden in my back yard, dance ballet at my Wednesday evening ballet classes, have use of both arms, legs and four sense. I worked with a woman who is blind. She taught me so much about being grateful for what I have.  Despite being blind, she can sew, cook and she never ever missed a day of work, ever!  I think about that every time I contemplate calling in sick.

I am grateful for the skills I learned by attending culinary school as well as work experience I gained in the field as a pastry cook. I wouldn’t trade that experience for anything – totally worth it.

I am grateful for the food in my fridge and cupboards – I know many are suffering and most don’t’ know this but people are starving in this country, never mind 3rd World Countries.  Every time I go to the grocery story, I make it a point to pick up something for my local food pantry.  A huge jar or PB as well as a case of Cat Food can help a person and animal in need.  My local food pantry director told me most people forget to donate food for animals, but as you can see by this blog, I never forget my furry friends.


Well folks, it’s 6:25 p.m. and I need to start packing up and head to the train.  I’m beat and my brain feels foggy so I am going to end this recap.  If I have more to add, I will.

A domani (until tomorrow),



December 12, 2012

I am grateful today for an awesome ballet class.


December 3, 2012:

What I am grateful for today:

  1. A beautiful high ’50s degree day in December, in New England, in like BAHSTON man! Wahooooo! 
  2. My 5 fury beautiful loving cats
  3. Azz, for always being there, always
  4. For Wheeza, because he always makes me laugh
  5. For Somer, at VedgedOut because she has to be the kindest soul I have ever met and I only know her via the Blogsphere.
  6. My nonna and mother, for giving me the skills to cook good wholesome food
  7. That I can walk from my home to the train and back
  8. For learning to take the high road


November 12, 2012: 

What I am grateful for today:

  • 1.) my health
  • 2.) 60 degree weather in November.
  • 3.) the Sun
  • 4.) A smooth commute into work today.
  • 5.) the generations of veterans, like my dad, who fought for the U.S.A.!


G is for Gratitude, Baby!

In addition to writing posts of gratitude, especially towards those who I share my life with, I am also go to post random things I am grateful for, that do not require an official post.

Full Disclosure: I nicked this idea from iRuniBreath

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  1. Woah…never would have guess you’re 45ish! Must be that vegan diet…also, how do you find 50’s vintage clothing? I have always loved it. In fact, one of my best friends has a sister who wears 50’s vintage…but my question is, where do you find it?

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