“Kill ‘Em All Boys” Ringleader Gets 13 Months in Prison for Poaching and Animal Cruelty

Exposing the Big Game

Prosecutors obviously saw the potential for this hunter/poacher’s behavior to lead to cruelty against humans–Washington state officials also suspended his nursing license.


Poaching group leader gets 13 months in prison

Mick Gordon poses with slain cougar

By Dan Tilkin and KATU Web Staff

Oct 13, 2008   Story Updated: Oct 30, 2013

CATHLAMET, Wash. – The man considered the ringleader of a group of poachers who called themselves the “Kill ‘Em All Boys” was sentenced to a year and a month in prison Monday for illegally killing wildlife.

Mick Gordon, pictured below, pleaded guilty to charges of first-degree animal cruelty, hunting black bear, cougar, bobcat and lynx with dogs, second-degree criminal trespass and third-degree malicious mischief.

Washington Fish and Wildlife officers said the group used a device they called “the permission slip,” which is a metal bar used to break locks blocking access to prime poaching territory on timber company lands…

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People Kill More Than 11,400 Sharks EVERY HOUR (Infographic)

People Kill More Than 11,400 Sharks EVERY HOUR (Infographic)

Higher Learning

A recent paper published by the scientific journal Marine Policy estimated that 100 million sharks are killed per year (the paper said the number could be as high as 270 million).

If you’re wondering, sharks kill about 12 people per year.

The main culprit is the black market for shark fins in China and the surrounding territories, where shark fin soup is a delicacy and shark fins are often believed to have mystical healing powers.

Photo: reefs.com Photo: reefs.com

Most “finned” sharks are thrown back into the ocean, where they are unable to properly maneuver. They either sink to the ocean floor and suffocate or are eaten by other predators.

If you break down 100 million annual deaths, it gives you about 11,417 sharks killed every hour (more than 190 sharks every minute).

This infographic from Joe Chernov and Robin Richards at Adventure Journal illustrates these staggering numbers better than any words…

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Action Alert: Comment NOW On USFWS Bogus Push For National Wolf Delisting!

Howling For Justice

Photo by Scott Flaherty

I can’t say this enough, we must stop USFWS from delisting wolves nationally, it will be the final nail in their coffin.  Please act now and voice your disdain over the political  “not based on the best available science” campaignthe service is waging against America’s wolves.

“This month, following a brief hiatus, arguments have reignited with the release of an independent review paper from the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis at the University of California-Santa Barbara. It finds that the delisting proposal is not, in fact, based on the “best available science.”

The review vindicates critics who say the Fish and Wildlife Service is trying to de-list the wolves prematurely, finding “problematic conclusions” in the proposal that treat contentious genetic and ecological theories as fact.

The review got at least one big result: the Fish and Wildlife Service responded by reopening its proposal to public comment

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Free Tony The Tiger

last day nommy Thanks everyone for supporting Tony’s nomination in the Shorty Awards. Currently Tony is in second place in the “non-human” category with 309 votes.

While it would be great to win, our goal is to raise awareness to Tony’s situation and that of the estimated 5,000 plus tigers privately owned in the United States; tigers kept as pets, bred for profit, cubs used in photo, feeding and & pay-for-play ops, circuses, roadside zoos, etc. and hopefully we have done that.


If you have a Twitter account PLEASE vote for Tony! Already voted? Then please share this post!

There are two ways you can nominate Tony; we’re asking for votes in the “non-human” category:

You must have a Twitter account to vote!


1. Visit:http://shortyawards.com/TonyTiger2000?category=nonhuman Add your reason why you’re nominating Tony and click Tweet Your Nomination! You’ll get a…

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The Royal Hypocrites: Prince Harry Shot Water Buffalo, Photo Emerges After Prince Pledged To Save Wildlife

Ann Novek( Luure)--With the Sky as the Ceiling and the Heart Outdoors

A smiling Prince Harry crouches over the body of one-ton water buffalo moments after he shot it dead on a hunting trip.

This photograph has emerged less than a week after the young royal pledged to do all he could to save Africa’s critically endangered wildlife.

And it also follows worldwide condemnation of another royal hunting trip just ten days ago when Prince William went boar shooting in Spain.

Croucing over the body of a water buffalo: The picture was taken in November 2004, when the then 20-year-old was on a gap year trip to South America shortly before he enrolled at Sandhurst military academy

Croucing over the body of a water buffalo: The picture was taken in November 2004, when the then 20-year-old was on a gap year trip to South America shortly before he enrolled at Sandhurst military academy


Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2560871/Crackshot-Harry-buffalo-killer-Picture-emerges-princes-call-protect-wildlife.html#ixzz2taJGGCaw Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

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The Angry VEGAN

The Angry VEGAN

The Mutanthouse Project

19594_546047325429906_1842923280_n I am often called an angry Vegan. I am not the fluffy lets all be friends and hug type, that went out the window years ago if it ever was. In most cases I try to educate in discussion, but my Russian temper often turns me into Ivan the terrible if people make callous stupid comments  like , who cares how they die they taste good. Or global warming  who cares fire up the grill YOLO ! Or I am told eating meat and dairy is a personal choice and I should mind my own business. The Problem is that those so called personal choices are severely impacting the lives of others , first the animals who’s life is being taken, then the million of starving in third world countries and then everybody else .

We as a species have killed and eradicated more other lifeforms than any other one in…

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If you’re really saddened by the death of Marius the giraffe, stop visiting zoos

If you’re really saddened by the death of Marius the giraffe, stop visiting zoos

Exposing the Big Game



We wouldn’t go to a prison to learn about typical human society, so it makes no sense to observe imprisoned animals in order to learn about them

by Mimi Bekhechi
Monday 10 February 2014

If there had ever been any doubt that zoos serve no purpose beyond incarcerating intelligent animals for profit, the slaughter of Marius, an 18-month-old giraffe, on Sunday has surely settled the issue. Copenhagen Zoo delivered Marius into a life of captivity, allowing his mother to give birth to the calf while knowing that the baby would be “surplus” to its requirements and “useless” for breeding because his genes were too common.

The zoo used the baby calf to attract visitors and then slaughtered him. He was shot rather than given a painless lethal injection, just so that his flesh wouldn’t be contaminated when it was cut up in front of horrified schoolchildren and, quite literally…

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The Cost of Shark Bait Soup: Dolphins Chopped Up And Skinned Alive

The Cost of Shark Bait Soup: Dolphins Chopped Up And Skinned Alive

Our Compass

WatchDog.net WatchDog.net

Please click HERE to sign petition

Background SourceWatchDog.net

Shark fin soup comes with a price. And we’re not talking the thousands people pay to eat it — we’re talking the mass killing of sharks, the disruption of our oceans’ ecosystem, and the brutal slaughter of hundreds of thousands of dolphins used by fishermen as shark bait.

Every day, hundreds of dolphins in Peru are harpooned, chopped up, and skinned alive to be used to lure sharks to boats. And despite Peru’s legislature outlawing dolphin killings in 1996, enforcement is so lax that up to 10,000 dolphins are still slaughtered every year.

Fishermen eager to cash in on shark fin soup’s popularity don’t care about these amazing creatures or the havoc they’re wreaking on the ecosystem. But if we pressure the Peruvian government to crack down and enforce its dolphin hunting ban, we can save our oceans before…

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SeaWorld’s shame: More attacks on Blackfish

Of Course Vegan

It’s clear that the documentary film “Blackfish” is causing a bit of a thorn in theme park SeaWorld’s side as it continues to see losses and boycotts of its facilities after the film detailed how the park takes animals from the wild and confines them at their parks in order to perform. SeaWorld, which has been on the offensive since last year, as we detailed here, and is bringing forth a torrent of postings and repostings on the micro-blogging site Twitter. The latest was simply too much:

“Hear the real SeaWorld story from trainers past and present. Don’t be misled by activist hype,” SeaWorld tweeted again on February 6, with a shocking image to accompany. It showed a woman, supposedly after watching the Academy Award nominated film, saying “One thing I want people to know after watching the film is that it’s not true.”

But the reality is that…

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The Life of a Show Dog, Abuse of Another Kind?


Please Adopt MeFebruary Westminster holds its famous dog show. I love dogs and as an animal advocate, I love all animals. Of course I’m very bonded to dogs having been the guardian of three over the span of 19 years, so I used to love watching all the beautiful dogs of different breeds on TV during the telecast of the show. But, I now know that while it is a “Dog Show”, it really is more about “People Big Business”.

Why do I say this? Well, aside from the prize awards given to winners, there are big advertising bucks, hundreds of dog products marketed and sold at the exhibit hall, hell, even my N.Y.C. local non-for profit Veterinary Hospital has a booth drumming up business. But aside from these and more, breeders bring their puppies for sale at high prices, which are sold out usually within the first day bringing in big…

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“Watch Out For This Carcinogen In Your Organic Food” ~ Food Babe


“I really wish I wasn’t writing this post right now. The information I am about to share with you will likely make you pretty angry and it should.  Do you consume any of these brands in the picture below (Silk, Starbucks, So Delicious, Horizon, Zico, Blue Diamond, Pacific, Carnation and Tempt)? My guess is that you probably do.

A few days ago, the Cornucopia Institute released a Video by it’s co-founder and Senior Farm Analyst, Mark Kastel and a full PDF Report that shares some very startling practices between the USDA and the NOSA “National Organic Standards Board”- the agency that regulates organic food. This report explains the details behind several allegations of corporate corruption that has allowed several agribusinesses to use chemicals in organic products without sufficient regulatory oversight.

A Carcinogen Hiding In Organic Dairy & Dairy Substitutes

One of the findings has to do with a carcinogenic ingredient all these products have in common, a substance derived from red algae called carrageenan. Carrageenan can be found in most milk substitute products, infant formula, deli meats, cottage cheese and some flavored coconut waters regardless if the product is certified organic by the USDA. I know so many people who get soy lattes from Starbucks to avoid having to consume conventional milk products, so I thought it would be pertinent to include them here on the list below, since they and many other coffee shops use soy milk that contains carrageenan.”

Organic Watch Dog Common Brands

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