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Consider the following 12 egg facts, most of which are common to all forms of egg farming:

1. The global egg industry destroys 6,000,000,000 healthy newborn male chicks every year. (1)

2. Male chicks born to egg-laying hens can not lay eggs, and are not the breed used for meat. Therefore, they are worthless to the egg industry.

3. Eggs sold under organic, free-range, and humane labels, and even chicks sold to backyard chicken keepers, also have their origins in these killing hatcheries. (2)

4. Newborn chicks are more intelligent, alert, and aware of their environment than human toddlers, according to recent scientific studies. (3) In fact, many traits that were previously thought to be exclusive to human / primate communication, cognition and social behavior have now been discovered in chickens.

sweet_pea_disease, egg facts

5. Female chicks are sent to egg farms, where, due to decades of genetic manipulation and selective breeding, they produce 250 to 300 eggs per year. In nature, wild hens lay only 10 to 15 eggs annually. (4,5) Like all birds, they lay eggs only during breeding season and only for the purpose of reproducing.

6. This unnaturally high rate of egg-laying results in frequent disease and mortality.

7. 95% of all egg-laying hens in the U.S. – nearly 300 million birds – spend their lives in battery cages so small they cannot even stretch their wings. (6) Packed in at 5–10 birds per cage, they can only stand or crouch on the cages’ hard wires, which cut their feet painfully. In these maddening conditions, hens will peck one another from stress, causing injury and even death.

8. Rather than give them more room, farmers cut off a portion of their sensitive beaks without painkiller. A chicken’s beak is loaded with nerve endings, more sensitive than a human fingertip. Many birds die of shock on the spot.

hens_cages_mcarthur_650, egg facts

9. Most hens on “cage-free” or “free range” operations are also debeaked, as these labels allow producers to confine thousands of birds inside crowded sheds. (7)

10. In a natural environment, chickens can live 10 to 15 years, but chickens bred for egg-laying are slaughtered, gassed or even thrown live onto “dead piles” at just 12 to 18 months when their egg production declines. (8)

11. During transport, chickens are roughly stuffed into crates and suffer broken legs and wings, lacerations, hemorrhage, dehydration, heat stroke, hypothermia, and heart failure; millions die before reaching the slaughterhouse. (9)

– See more at: http://freefromharm.org/eggfacts/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+FreeFromHarm+%28Free+from+Harm%29#sthash.J0WjN9KA.dpuf

Pay to Play

Fight for Rhinos

There are two sides to every story, and two sides to the lives of animals in the tourism industry. Many of the baby animals we find so irresistibly adorable and pettable, live a life or torment.

petting lion cub 2 This is the canned hunting industry.

The opportunity to pet, hold, bottle feed, and play with cute orphan lion cubs sounds irresistible to animal lovers.

Captive lion cub 2 Farmed cubs often show signs of stress like hair falling out and diarrhea.

Well-meaning visitors pay big bucks for the privilege of “helping rear motherless cubs.”  Many of these people are led to believe they are playing a part in conservation efforts, that these little tykes will live to be returned to the savanna one day.

But the reality is much darker. Shortly after birth, the babies are taken from their mothers, causing extreme stress to the cubs and the mother alike. This is done to facilitate immediate breeding again for…

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Only the Monkey Should Decide What to Play

Alexandra´s Animal Awareness Blog

Photo: iStock.com/micha klootwijk Photo: iStock.com/micha klootwijk

Students always have been ready for some fun. But torturing nonhuman beings should  get them expelled.

Whistleblower Reveals Abuse at Ivy League University

PETA has received evidence that staff at a Princeton University laboratory recently placed at least one marmoset in a plastic exercise ball designed for ferrets and rolled the ball through the corridors to torment the terrified monkey for their own amusement. This laboratory has received more than $2.3 million in taxpayer money from the National Institutes of Health since 2007. Please tell Princeton to release these monkeys to an accredited sanctuary.”

Please sign the petition here:


Thank you.

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These Animal Rescues Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity VIDEO | One Green Planet

Life or Lunch?

dog is drowning. A severely injured kitten. A whale tangled in a net. What would you do if you saw an animal in distress? Chances are, if you have even an ounce of compassion for living creatures, you will do something to help. Some people will call for help, some will do nothing, but others don’t think twice about rushing in to help. Firefighters are prime examples of the type of people who go toward danger instead of away and they will do everything in their power to rescue people and animals from all sorts of life threatening situations, even knowing their lives could be at risk.

In this video, you will watch a compilation of animal rescues (and one man needing help) collected from all over the world. Your faith in humanity will be restored as you witness heartwarming endings to animal rescues

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Great Cats of the "World"

There are more Captive Tigers in the USA then there are in the wild….
On “this” day and everyday please support those trying to save the Remaining wild tigers that are left, and please support those trying to control the number of tigers that are kept at gas stations and backyards as pets…
Please never stop “Roaring for this iconic

Thank you ,

FREEDOM~For Tony the Tiger

“Animals do have a voice. If you ignore their suffering, I will remind you of it. If you don’t understand them, I will translate. If you don’t hear them, I will be their voice. You may silence them but you cannot silence me as long as I live.” ~ Anita Mahdessian

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Get it?

Faux moo.

As in, not real ice cream.


I am so over the moon right now that I had meant to publish this post last night but the evening got away from me.

FōMū is finally available at Whole Foods Paycheck.

Can I get a woot!

Yo Dudes!

Like for real. FōMū is made right here in my hometown, good ole Bahston, Massachusetts!  The founders of FōMū had, at one time, assured me that their products will be available in Whole Foods and they weren’t leading me astray.

Yesterday, while shopping at WF I decided to check the frozen dessert section and there it was, right there yo! Right there before my bleary eyes Fō(fucking)Mū.

I danced a little jig right there in the aisle.  I did. I swear it.

Good people of the Blogosphere, if you have never tried FōMū, then you must…

Right now.


I’ll wait…


For those of you who reside on the West Coast, I do not know if FōMū has made its way out to your ‘hood, you know, out there in the Cal-zone where everything is cheese-y, but keep an eye out because you must try this.

FōMū is so fuckingfantastic that it makes all other alternative ice creams look like sludge. As in Boston Harbor Dirty Water Sludge. Yos!

Do you want to know what makes this product even more fantastic than it already is?




I dare any non-vegan to challenge that.

The Vegan diet doesn’t exploit or kill.

It also doesn’t harm the human body.

Hey naysayers, suck on that!


Where was I?

Oh, right.

What’s that you say? You’re not a vegan?

Well not to worry.

Vegans and Non-Vegans alike will looooooooove this product.

I assure you.

If you feed this goodness to your family or friends, they will not know it is vegan.

Trust. Me.

That’s it, yos.


p.s. I ate the entire pint of the flavor you see above. It was so damn good I just couldn’t stop.


Kidnapped! – Julia’s Story

Honk If You're Vegan


Julia Styles was kidnapped as a toddler. Although her basic needs were met, her life was lonely and sad. She was kept locked in a tiny room and wasn’t allowed to do the normal things kids do like make friends, play outside or go to school.

Once Julia reached puberty, her life got worse. She was raped and got pregnant. When she had her baby, she felt immeasurable love for him. For two days she cared for her baby, but then her captors took him away from her. Despite her plea’s, Julia never saw her son again.

Not long after this, Julia was raped again. She had a second child who was also taken from her. Then within months, she was raped yet again. This happened many more times causing immense physical and emotional strain on Julia.

By the time she was 28, Julia looked like an old woman. The physical trauma of her poor…

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The Real Face of Poaching

Exposing the Big Game

What exactly is a poacher? A person who kills animals (more often endangered one) and sells them, or their parts for profit. Correct? So, what does this poacher look like? In your mind who is a poacher? If you’re imagining the quintessential pith helmet wearing, rifle clad “Van Pelt” figure, you probably want to think again.

The WWF launched an incredible campaign to break down the definition of what a poacher is. People tend to distance themselves from the crime if they weren’t directly responsible for the “dirty work,” but the wildlife trade wouldn’t exist if we all took on some responsibility and stopped participating.

When you consider the number of exotic animal “delicacies” that appear on menus across the world (don’t think the U.S. is exempt here) and look at the people who made that dish appear before you, that is a poacher.

WWF Shows Us the Real Face of Poaching, the Outcome Will Shock YouWhen you purchase a brand…

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‘Nothing more than a thrill kill’: Humane Society asks Cleburne’s Kendall Jones to stop her big-game hunting

Exposing the Big Game

It’s official: For now, at least, 19-year-old Kendall Jones is The Most Famous Big-Game Hunter in the World … if, that is, we’re going by Huffington Post, FOX News, The Independent in England, every local TV station and, oh, that email I received this morning from a Norwegian journalist wanting to know how to reach the Cleburne teen who’s a Texas Tech cheerleader when she’s not hunting in Africa. Pictures of Jones and her trophies are no doubt filling your Facebook feed as you read this.

And now there’s this: The Humane Society of the United States just sent The Dallas Morning News a statement about Jones, who made her bow in the Cleburne paper Sunday before becoming an Overnight International Sensation. The missive came bearing the subject line “Statement on Texas Cheerleader Hunting Controversy.” And in it, the Humane Society’s vice president for wildlife protection, Nicole…

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Recipes to Make You Say, “YES!” to Vegan Cheese

Honk If You're Vegan


My mom, my blogger friend, Mike, and countless others have told me that they can’t go vegan because they could never give up cheese. I get where they’re coming from – I was there. I found, however; that giving up cheese was easier than I imagined it would be. Sure, it was hard at first, but once I discovered how to make wonderful sauces, cheese-free pizzas and other cheese replacements it was a cinch (and delicious too!).

I’ve been perfectly content without cheese, but a few weeks ago my sister mentioned that a vegan cheese shop, Peace Cheese, opened up in San Diego. I thought this was strange because I didn’t think it was possible to make really good vegan cheese. Online, however; their cheeses – like Cashew Glow and Pumpkin Sun – looked tasty.

l “Pumpkin Sun” – Vegan Cheese Alternative to mild Cheddar by PeaceCheese

I have yet…

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