And yet another reason to go vegan ~ FDA has approved growth hormones for Salmon

Is your salmon going to come with a side of growth hormones?

The federal Food and Drug Administration is on track to approve AquaBounty AquaAdvantave transgentic salmon – the first genetically engineered animal intended as food for humans. This new hybrid salmon will combine DNA from Atlantic salmon, Chinook salmon and the eel-like ocean pout. There’s no proof that eating these genetically engineered salmon is safe. What we do know is the fish will produce enough growth hormones year-round to grow at twice their natural rate.

So which salmon will you be buying in the supermarket – salmon from nature or from a lab? You won’t know!

EWG is fighting for your right to know what you are eating and feeding your family, but we need your help. The FDA is accepting public comments. We need you to take action today and demand that the FDA fully review and label genetically engineered salmon…

Sign the Petition if you want the FDA to label genetically engineered salmon.

Source: Environmental Working Group 


5 thoughts on “And yet another reason to go vegan ~ FDA has approved growth hormones for Salmon

  1. GMOs in general, and this weird salmon in particular, creep me out. It pisses me off to no end that GMOs are not required to be labeled and that’s due to pure greed. Every survey shows that upwards of 90% of American consumers don’t like genetically modified food, and if it were labeled appropriately, they wouldn’t buy it. No label = no problem…for Big Food. Grrrrr.

    • well said, I couldn’t agree more. The greed of big Aggra is ruining our health. When I tell people I am a vegan, some immediately jump to the: “Don’t you worry about deficiencies.” Or they’ll say: “I knew a girl who was vegan and she became very ill.” I have to hold back a laugh when I hear that one, especially when one takes into account that obesity rates are through the roof int his country (just watch Biggest Losers) and those people didn’t become obese by overdosing on broccoli. I have met some of the most unhealthy people whose diet is comprised mostly of: meat/dairy/egg/fish and very little grain or vegetables.

      If you watch the Gary Yourofsky video in my post on Friday, you’ll hear him say talk about food commercials and how you never see a commercial for broccoli or asparagus. He then talks about how for every food commercial, there is a prescription to counteract the effects of a bad diet.


      I’m running off a tangent here. Sorry.

      Everyone needs to speak out in protest of GMO foods.. the more noise we make the more they will be forced to do something. At least, I hope so. 😐

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