Teacup Pigs

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Lately, I have been hearing more and more about these so-called “Teacup Pigs”.  Evidently, this particular breed of pig is bred to stay small, hence its name.

Photo Courtesy of: www.cutestpaw.com


If there is one thing I cannot stand, is a group of brainiachs coming up with ways to genetically modify animals so as to A.) Make a profit; and/or B.) Give people something else to abuse or abandon.  Everyday Puppy Mills are cranking out dog after dog after dog, only for a good percentage of those animals to wind up in kill or no-kill shelters. Everyday no kill shelters are splitting at the seams for lack of available adopters.  Everyday kill shelters are murdering innocent animals (by the hundreds per day) for the same reason: lack of available adopters.  Furthermore, every-frickin’-single-day hundreds of animals are being abandoned by heartless humans with nary a care.  To that end, I can only surmise that in a few months, maybe a year, shelters will be bursting at the seams with “Teacup Pigs” who have either been rescued from abusive situations or worse, found abandoned.

Do me a favor folks: Please do not buy these animals and support this industry.  I realize Paris Hilton has a Teacup Pig, but does anyone honestly believe she’s the one caring for it?  I highly doubt it. She has a team of people readily available to wipe her ass so it is highly unlikely she’s cleaning up after her pets.

Before I sign off, I decided to do some research on Teacup Pigs and this particular article stood out, which I feel is worth reading; that is if you or someone you know is considering adopting.

Here is an excerpt:

Mini Teacup Pigs Don’t Stay “Mini”

All of the pictures that you will inevitably find gracing the internet show mini pigs posed inside of teacups to show how tiny they are. The picture fails to tell you that the piglet in the picture is only a few days old. While many breeders and sites will claim that mini pigs stay miniature, you need to be informed on what “miniature” means. These mini pigs are in fact minature potbelly pigs, which means that they won’t get as big as a regular potbelly pig, which can tip the scales at over 1,000 pounds as an adult, however, miniature potbelly pigs grow for 2-3 years, so at around two years old, your mini pig can still get well over 200 pounds, and take up your entire sofa. It does not matter how the piglet is advertised- teacup pig, mini pig, micro mini pig- they are all the same breed, which is bred from minature potbelly pigs.
A Pig is Still a Pig

You will see on mini teacup pig websites that they are easy to litter train, and that they are clean. While the pig itself is a clean animal, their “area” is not. The area where the pig’s food, water, and litter pan are located will look (and smell) like a pig pen, one that you have to clean up twice a day. Also, they do not litter train well, so they will basically use the bathroom anywhere. Even if you are successful at litter training your mini teacup pig

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