Beyonce, The Narcissist

Barbara Lippert is one of my favorite bloggers.  During Mad Men seasons, I eagerly await her posts about each episode.  Off-Mad Men Season, Barbara blogs about all things media.  Yesterday, Barb blogged about Beyonce’s HBO Documentary “Life is but a Dream”  

To be blunt, I don’t give a rat’s fuzzy a-hole about Beyonce.   I didn’t see her Super Bowl performance, however, I heard she wore various dead animals on her back.  One would think, at her level, living in the public eye, she would have made more mindful (and kinder) clothing choices.  Then again, thanks to  Paula’s Pontifications, I have learned that Narcissists rarely think outside themselves or own their mistakes. Furthermore,  [I am about to make a grand inference here]  I would bet Beyonce could give a flying F(!) that animals suffered so she could wear their skin while shaking her fat ass on stage in front of millions (???) of Super Bowl viewers. I am also quit certain that her child will be raised in the same narcissistic, me-me-me mindset.  I mean hey, correct me if I am wrong but generally speaking, the apple rarely falls far from the tree.

But I digress…

Here is an excerpt from Barbara’s post. I hope you’ll take the time to read it as well as some of her other posts.

Right up front, one of the problems with Beyonce’s HBO documentary “Life is but a Dream” is that it’s called a documentary. Because no matter how compelling a public figure and glam superstar you are, talking close into your MacBook with your-unmade-up (but still flawless) face does not a documentary make.

Granted, the former Ms. Fierce produced and co-directed the film, so it’s not as if we were set up for a Ken Burns special. (Although both docu-makers have sported bangs, at times.)

Still, Beyonce is beautiful, talented, and one of the most powerful people in the biz — a natural subject. But if you watch this 90-minute film because you actually are interested in how that happened — stuff like where Beyonce was born, how she got along in school and with her siblings, whether she studied music, where she got her big break, how she met Jay-Z,  what informs her musical tastes etc. — you’re out of luck. I guess that’s what Wikipedia is for.

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