Good Times…

Me and my goombah friend CC, July 2012 at the House of Blues in Bahston

This is a photo of me  (R) and my partner-in-crime-goombah-friend and co-worker CC (L). The photo was taken at the House of Blues, Boston,  July 2012.  CC and I have only known each other a short time and yet, I feel like I’ve known her for years! I recently met her hubby, (I blogged about the two of them in my post regarding The Back Porch) and I have to say, I have never met two people better suited for one another — they truly are soul mates and good people. CC is also a Harley Davidson riding bad-ass (she owns an Fat Boy and her hubby owns a Dyna-wide).   Good people are hard to come by these days, so I cherish those that I have the opportunity to share my life with which is why I wanted to capture this memory in my blog.



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