Sorry Method, but I am breaking up with you…

I love Method. I really do. I mean, who doesn’t. Method is eco-friendly and supposedly will not harm good ole Momma Earth. But not long ago, I paid $2.99 for a 28 oz bottle. Grrrrr.

And yet, on Sunday at Costco, I paid $3.99 for 1.32 gallons, did you catch that? I said, GALLONS of white vinegar that will probably last me until rapture.

Last night, after I used up the last of my lavender Method (sniff), I rinsed the bottle, and filled it with 1/2 white vinegar and 1/2 water. Going forward, this Repurposed, yep, you read it right REPURPOSED(one of my Rs in GiRRL)  plastic Method bottle has been reborn into nature’s best cleaning product. I slept soundly that night,  in the arms of Morpheus, knowing this solution will not hurt my Momma Earth. Now if that aint green then I don’t know what.

Full Disclosure: I cannot take credit for this. Credit is due to Broke-Ass Grouch’s blog as I nicked the idea from her. Not the repurposing of the Method bottle but the vinegar/water as a cleaning solution. Although BAG likes to add a bit of essential oils to her mixture so her house doesn’t “…smell like a salad.”  Next project: seek out essential oils so my house won’t smell like a salad either.

My next post: Baking Soda: A Thousand and One Uses…


© 2011 GiRRL_Earth

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