A letter to the WordPress Powers that Be

Dear Word Press:

I am very angry at you, yah that’s right YOU!  Would you please explain to me why you Freshly Pressed a blogger who openly and admittedly writes about WANTING to harm a feral cat? I’m serious, would you please explain it to me because I found http://mikeallegra.com/2012/11/29/a-natural-cure/’s blog very disturbing!  As an animal shelter volunteer, I have seen and continue to see egregious acts towards animals – acts that are my worst nightmare and yet,  what does Word Press do? They promote someone who clearly and admittedly has no issue, shame or guilt about harming a cat!!!!

I’m so fit to be tied that I am contemplating closing down my blog.  What a disgrace.  How could you be so callous?

I will re-post this  post every. single. day. until I receive an answer.