“Meat, Lies & Videotape (A Deeply Flawed TED Talk)” – Robert Goodland, Free From Harm

allan savory TED talk

Allan Savory’s TED talk (Source: Free From Harm)


Climate change is transboundary, meaning it doesn’t respect borders. So wherever livestock might be raised under Mr. Savory’s approach, they would surely be vulnerable to disruptive climate events. Such events caused large-scale livestock die-offs in 2009 in every region of the world, including


However, while Mr. Savory himself cautions that most livestock today are produced unsustainably, meat promoters can be seen spinning Mr. Savory’s claims as if they apply equally to factory-farmed meat. Yet it’s no new trick to promote factory farmed meat as grass-fed. A grassland producer has himself noted that most marketing of “grass-fed” beef is a hoax.Beef marketed this way commands a 200-300% price premium — so the incentive for producers to cheat is overwhelming, as evidenced in one videotape after another.

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