One Dogs Life In Mexico City

One Person, One World.

Fresa-the-DogMeet Fresa, she is a 5-year old dog living in a shelter in Mexico city. She was found wandering the streets and rescued after the previous owner decided to get rid of her and hacked off half her snout with a machete. Unable to breathe some neighbours took her to Santuario Milagros Caninos shelter in the Mexican capital where the Surgeon Jesus Paredes performed a 3 hour emergency surgery. He helped her to breathe again through her trashed nostrils, removed her protruding jaw and reconstructed her lips with flaps of skin and mucous so she can drink and feed. Fresa-the-Dog (2)

1409816851155_wps_5_Fresa_5_drinks_water_insiShe is now recovering at the shelter and are said to be doing really well thank’s to the kindness of strangers and a brilliant surgeon. And did you know that her name means Strawberry in English? Fresa-the-Dog (1)
Photos are from Reuters.

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