Happy World Oceans Day!

Bailey Boat Cat

Furiends it’s a special day! A day to celebrate our beautiful oceans and make a pledge to protect them! I’m sticking with the same pledge I made last year because there’s still plenty of room for for the humans and I to improve and I feel very passionately about it.


I’d also like to raise awareness about the issues surrounding plastics in the ocean throughout the year, so stay tuned for that. I found a great infographic by oneworldoneocean.org which I’m sure you’ll all agree is really an eye opener.


I’ve got so many furiends in the ocean and if we all speak up a little and work together to make a change for good, I’m sure we can help them to live happily and healthily.


For more information about the day and some of the events that have been taking place around the world you can visit http://worldoceansday.org


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