Why Should I Care?


Saturday is World Day For Animals In Laboratories.People coming together all over the world to raise their voices and spirits in condemning this atrocity and to let all the animals know,we have not forgotten you and we will never stop fighting to end this crime against you;and to remember all those already lost,who never had a hope,brutalized,murdered and discarded–we remember..and we will keep reminding everyone of the suffering going on,every moment of every day.It is sad that this is still necessary after campaigning for so long,but the corporate hold and investment is very strong.They have huge budgets and powerful allies,just look at the sentence handed to Debbie Vincent recently.Make an example,make people scared,show their power,brainwash the masses.The world has become backwards,where caring people are labelled ‘nutters’ and ‘terrorists’,treated like criminals and thrown in jail,while the cold-hearted are allowed freedom to do as they please.This is the world we live in.Corruption…

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