The animals left to starve to death in Ukrainian zoo as new government of debt-ridden country divert funds elsewhere



Animals in a Ukrainian zoo have been left to die of starvation in the wake of the country’s political turmoil, it has been claimed.

The director of Kharkiv Zoo blamed Ukraine’s warring politicians for failing to provide funds, saying the zoo only have enough food to last until Monday.
Alexey Grigoriev is said to be ‘in tears’ over the plight of the animals, and has pleaded with the prime minister for help.

Starving: Staff at Kharkiv Zoo, Ukraine say a pregnant elephant, claimed to be ‘hungry and on the point of expiring from exhaustion’
’Our animals are not fighting for power, they do not share anyone’s political views, they just want to live,’ said a statement by the zoo.
‘Without emergency measures, our completely innocent animals will start dying next week.’

A pregnant elephant was hungry and on the point of expiring from exhaustion, it was claimed.
Local reports say…

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