SeaWorld’s shame: More attacks on Blackfish

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It’s clear that the documentary film “Blackfish” is causing a bit of a thorn in theme park SeaWorld’s side as it continues to see losses and boycotts of its facilities after the film detailed how the park takes animals from the wild and confines them at their parks in order to perform. SeaWorld, which has been on the offensive since last year, as we detailed here, and is bringing forth a torrent of postings and repostings on the micro-blogging site Twitter. The latest was simply too much:

“Hear the real SeaWorld story from trainers past and present. Don’t be misled by activist hype,” SeaWorld tweeted again on February 6, with a shocking image to accompany. It showed a woman, supposedly after watching the Academy Award nominated film, saying “One thing I want people to know after watching the film is that it’s not true.”

But the reality is that…

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The Life of a Show Dog, Abuse of Another Kind?


Please Adopt MeFebruary Westminster holds its famous dog show. I love dogs and as an animal advocate, I love all animals. Of course I’m very bonded to dogs having been the guardian of three over the span of 19 years, so I used to love watching all the beautiful dogs of different breeds on TV during the telecast of the show. But, I now know that while it is a “Dog Show”, it really is more about “People Big Business”.

Why do I say this? Well, aside from the prize awards given to winners, there are big advertising bucks, hundreds of dog products marketed and sold at the exhibit hall, hell, even my N.Y.C. local non-for profit Veterinary Hospital has a booth drumming up business. But aside from these and more, breeders bring their puppies for sale at high prices, which are sold out usually within the first day bringing in big…

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