Action Alert: Urge Long Island to Halt Deer Massacre

Exposing the Big Game

Urge Long Island to Halt Deer Massacre!

cute deer

According to news sources, the Long Island Farm Bureau intends to contract with the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Wildlife Services to kill deer in local municipalities by using sharpshooters or by using netting to catch them so that they can be slaughtered, apparently in hopes of controlling the deer population. Animals who are shot often do not die outright. Wounded deer commonly “disappear,” only to succumb unseen to their injuries or to die from extreme stress or in attacks by other animals. And netting is a terrifying ordeal for these easily frightened prey animals, who thrash frantically when ensnared, often harming themselves in the process, and then endure rough handling before finally being killed.
Deer are beneficial to ecosystems because they distribute key nutrients. Even if population control is insisted upon, there is no need for lethal measures when effective, humane methods…

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