Righteous Rescuers

Walking with the Alligators

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All pictures credit:   RVR Facebook page


This story was in our local paper recently and it is being passed along to all of you, because they do so much good:

Volunteers Work To Save Abused Horses

This is a one time call for involvement, or a plea for you to get involved with an organization that works tirelessly for desperately needy animals.

I have seen and known many Rescue groups, but never,  ever, one in my life, like this one, please visit their Facebook Page and be ready to fall in love with a group of people who have  set the bar so high, they can never be surpassed.

This posting is about an amazing group of people who have a singular purpose in life,  they rescue unwanted horses, very unwanted horses.

This rescue group is,  in their own words, ” dedicated to saving and rehabilitating horses. “

Their name is RVR Horse…

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