Meet your Angora Sweater.

The next time you buy something made with Angora, think of these helpless animals! Their fur is ripped from their bodies while they are alive. These poor helpless animals scream out in pain. When was the last time you heard a rabbit scream?

I never have, until now…


Imagine having your hair ripped out.

Poignant Pigs

Walking with the Alligators

An innocent Baby Pig
Picture credit: Balibagus


On our news this morning, came a story that I could not wait to share with all of you.

It could not wait until ” Good News”  Sunday, so now, I must find,  hopefully,  another one for that day!

This story concerns a video of extreme animal abuse,  that became a public video and exposed a company and their supplier for the horrific  treatment of animals.

Tyson Foods really had no choice, once they had been exposed and the supplier caught in this heinous behavior, but to end their relationship with them.

Personally, I believe that if they had not been caught  “on film,”  they more than likely would still be doing business with them.

As the story explained, Tyson Foods has  “dropped”  an Oklahoma Supplier for extreme cruelty to the pigs it slaughters.

There is something so insane about that sentence.


The heroes in this story are a group called Mercy For…

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