Happy Ending for Arrow-Impaled NJ Deer

Exposing the Big Game

N.J. biologists find injured Rockaway Township deer and remove arrow from its head

By Robin Wilson-Glover/The Star-Ledger13709511-mmmain
November 10, 2013

ROCKAWAY TOWNSHIP — A hunter’s arrow that had pierced both sides of a young deer’s head has been successfully removed, according to state officials and the woman who first notified authorities about the animal.

Staff from New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife tranquilized the deer Saturday afternoon in the backyard of Susan Darrah’s Rockaway Township home, removed the arrow, treated the wound and released it back in the wild, Darrah said today. DEP Spokesman Larry Hajna confirmed the arrow removal.

“Everybody loves a happy ending,” Darrah said.

After first spotting the deer with the arrow on Nov. 1, Darrah called Fish and Wildlife and authorities there instructed her to put out corn to draw the deer back into the yard. On different occasions, staff members staked out the area…

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One thought on “Happy Ending for Arrow-Impaled NJ Deer

  1. Thank GOD the doctors could save the little deer. There is so much cruelty in the world towards that it really disturbs me & do hope that one day it will be different.

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