My New Vegan Shoes!

Check out my new vegan shoes. I bought them last week via Amazon for half the price as advertised on the Dr. Marten’s Store.  I have been wearing these all week (as my commuting shoes to/from Boston every day) and have received sooooo many compliments. Although, not all of the compliments were about my shoes, per se, but rather I was given props for my ability to “pull off the look” without looking “silly”. [And yes these are direct quotes from the comments I have received.]

I especially love these shoes paired with a skirt and black tights.

Back in my 20s and early 30s I lived in Dr. Marten’s shoes. To be honest,  I had forgotten how much I  luh-luh-looooove Dr. Marten’s shoes! When a fellow vegan told me that Dr. M offers *vegan* options, well I nearly screamed with joy!

Leave it to Dr. Marten’s to get with the times and offer us vegans something fashionable and functional.

Rock on with your bad self Dr. M.!!!!