“Sportsmen” Against Wolves: “Wyoming is fed up”

Exposing the Big Game

(Or did they mean to say, “overfed”?) Who do these people remind you of? (Hint: 3 letters, starting with K and ending with K.) Look at them hiding behind their Halloween masks. Sorry kids, we’re all out of candy; time to grow up. Note to wolf lovers: before you put a bead on the next childish bully wearing a white sheet over his face, you might want to wait until after the children’s holiday promoting that kind of thing is over. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=564330240283396


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Baby elephants …. abused at the circus!!

It Is What It Is


On Wednesday, October 23, 2013, the Los Angeles City Council moved to ban the use of bullhooks on elephants (Yay!)
Los Angeles is the ONLY city to ban the bullhooks, and it is the hope that it will set an example for other cities.As stated by Cher in her letter to the City Council, “Your ‘yes’ vote will put Los Angeles on the right side of history and firmly in the forefront of great cities …of the world that have made the moral and ethical choice to protect elephants from abuse.”The tool is used to inflict pain and fear onto the elephant in an effort to train them. The elephants are prodded with these sharp objects to guide them through activities such as circus training.You can donate to Voice for the Animals Foundation here – http://b.cher.com/16zXiCvPhoto Credit: PETA
Voice for the Animals Foundation ….. Source: https://voicefortheanimals.nationbuilder.com/donate?utm_source=voicefortheanimals&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=ban_passed

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