Saving Lucia and the dogs of Foča and Gorazde


1185621_10202139636795202_252551786_nThis week  animal welfare activists from Sarajevo visited dog ‘shelters’ at Foča and Gorazde, about 100 + KM from Sarajevo.

One of the dogs saved during this trip is Lucia, a sweet dog, virtually starved and with a critically injured paw.


She was taken to King Pension in Sarajevo and today will be operated on to see if the paw can be saved. The cost of this operation is estimated at 225 euros (approximately 300 USD). The cost of her stay in King Pension (the best in Bosnia, the only one that is suitable to take care of such a thin and injured dog) is 120 euros (160 USD) per month. Funds are desperately needed to take care of her. If you can help please send donations via Paypal to – mark ‘for Lucia’. For more details. see the bottom of the page.

Gorazde “Shelter”

GorazdeGorazde shelter is situated in…

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