I need your help!

Dear followers,

I need your help.  I have created a new blog: http://myabandonedself.wordpress.com/ and I cannot figure out how to establish a password for this blog.  The only way I can access this new blog is by logging into my primary blog: GirlforAnimalLiberation.  Unfortunately, if I want to reblog or comment on other posts as: *MyAbandonedSelf* it doesn’t work — any time I reblog or comment is appears from GfAL.  ARG! What am I doing wrong????

I tried going to the WordPress home screen and logging in as MyAbandonedSelf and then selecting: change password but it will not allow me, it comes up as an error saying the account doesn’t exist.

Does anyone have any idea how I create a log-in for this new blog?


Change Starts Within Ourselves.

The Power Within

“Freedom is instantaneous the moment we accept things as they are.” -Karen Maezen Miller

truthYou can’t change the world around you by fighting it in your head. Your stress, anger, disappointment, regret, frustration, and bitterness won’t do anything to alter what it is.

You are the only force that can create the change you seek, and you can only do that after you accept things as they are.

Make peace with the here and now. Let go and stop resisting. It doesn’t have to mean you’ve given up on the possibility of something better. It just means you’ve decided to pursue it from a place of freedom and peace.

Choose yourself. Love yourself. Respect yourself.

If you make choices from a place of love and understanding the Universe will conspire to bring you the same things you are giving.

So, love each moment, welcome each challenge, welcome each change, for…

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