“Killer” thinks I’m an alcoholic! LMFAO!!!!!

I love it when hunters stop by my blog to let me know how much they hate me because I am the voice of the voiceless.  “Killer”, as he (or she) likes to refer to himself is a hunter — he is pro-killing of animals.  He (or she) likes to lurk and comment on a fellow bloggers site:  Exposing the Big Game.   Evidently, Killer” thinks I am an alcoholic. LMFAO!!!!   I am not really sure how Killer surmised I am an alcoholic.  I guess he just didn’t get that the reason I am in therapy is because I was married to a pathological lying, cheating, narcissist — but no matter.  It’s all good.  I love it when hunters sling insults at me because it let’s me know I am getting to them.

This is what Killer had to say. Now I know I shouldn’t feed the Trolls but this is just too good to not share with my fellow animal rights bloggers.


So you are an alcoholic. That explains a lot. That explains why you are so conflicted, dishonest and angry. You need way more time with your therapist. I hope I see you around, then I can LMAO. Love and kisses, “BEAUTIFUL”

Based on my blog’s stats, Killer lives in Pleasant Hill, California and his ISP provider is Comcast. It would seem Killer has been lurking on my blog for some time now, well at least since August 17.

Everyone, let’s give Killer a big Dating Game sloppy wet kiss: SMOOOOOOOOCH!!!!!!


Girl for Animal Liberation.