Cows Overjoyed to See Grass

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This video was posted on Youtube by a small family run dairy farm in Gloucestershire, England. These cows are so excited to be let out of their holding after a long winter that they literally frolic out into the pasture. This should an insight that animals feel the same stress of being pent-up as we do. For those who consume dairy or beef, please conscientious of where your produce comes from, how the cows have been cared for, whether they are in confines, the amount of produce they are forced to create, and their general welfare.

Here is a link to the ASPCA’s fight on farm animal cruelty, covering major issues with cow factory farms.

Source: thefunkyfarmer, Youtube, 3 April 2012.

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Tell Sears what you think about their “I love wolf hunting” t-shirts.

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Sears responded on a Google Plus account to a member that the t-shirts were no longer available!


This seems like a standard response, please keep sending your thoughts, thank you.

Dear Stacey,

Thank you for contacting We apologize for any inconvenience or concern caused due to the graphics on the T-shirt. I appreciate the opportunity to assist you.

We regret that you found the T-shirt offensive as that was not our intent. We are listening to what you have to say and we appreciate the time you have taken to let us know what you think about the items sold on our website. We are always looking for ways in which we can improve.

All comments, suggestions, contributions and indeed all feedback from our customers are very important to us. Please know that our management team reviews feedback submitted…

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