People To Know: Jasmine Polsinelli

the vegan sprout

I knew Jasmine Polsinelli was an incredible kid as soon as I met her. Poised, articulate, chatting with the adult folk about the cruelty in the agricultural business in one breath, (she’s been vegan since birth), then switching seamlessly to ‘regular’ 11-year-old chatter about how she can’t wait to start babysitting and is saving up for an iPod.

She wears her activism naturally, effortlessly, as though it’s just a part of who she is in the same way she wears her freckles and that contagious smile of youth. She’s stood outside of Canada Goose, leg-hold trap in hand, waiting to speak to CEO Dani Reiss about alternatives to the down and coyote fur they use in their jackets. Together with mother, Kelli and brother Dylan, she’s stood up to oppose the legalization of hunting in rural Whitby. She was the youngest person ever to be awarded a lifetime…

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