I want change. Do you want change?

All day long I have been thinking about how much anger I still carry towards my Ex. How I want to tear him apart limb-by-limb.  Adding to my anger was reading up on all the animal cruelty stories my fellow bloggers posted that populate in the WordPress “Reader”. As I read the various stories, I couldn’t help but think how much I hate animal cruelty of any kind. How I despise hunters, as well as all of those wildlife government agencies that act like they are pro-animal when in reality they are PRO DEATH of ANIMALS as outlined by one of my favorite bloggers: Exposing the Big Game.  

I cannot help but think:  humans are inherently evil. How can I not think this when all I hear about is how some human or group of humans enjoy torturing and killing  animals EVERY. SINGLE. DAY!!!!!!!!!!      Just when I think I have heard every story, another story, like this one, comes along and sends my teeth on edge.   I keep asking the question: What is it going to take to get people to wake the fuck up and realize our planet is dying, that animals have gone extinct and if the people who are pro-animal destruction do not  change their ways, more animals like elephants, rhinos and tigers will be extinct in OUR lifetime.  What is it going to take? What? Someone please tell me WHAT??????????  This is why I often pray for a virus that wipes out all of mankind but spares the animals.  They deserve to be on this planet, we humans do not, but I digress… 

Anyway, while I was having these negative thoughts, something told me to look up an old high school classmate, which I did, via Linked-In.  Noticing she changed her name, I decided to “Google” her (like one does).  Turns out, she has a blog.  As I scrolled through her blog, I happened across one of her inspirational quotes that I feel could be considered a wake up call for me. How so you ask? because if I want to see change, I have to eliminate all those dark thoughts I just referenced above.  Basically I have to BE the change.  Right?  Easier said than done but I am open to making the change.  How about you? Do you want change? We blog so as to be the voice of the voiceless. Sadly, the raucous huntin’, shootin’,  cartel is drowning out our voices. so what’s our next move? could this be it?

8 thoughts on “I want change. Do you want change?

  1. Our local paper carried a story about The Someone Project. It was a welcome reminder that
    farm animals – pigs, cows, chickens – are highly intelligent and social animals. Your blog has
    been an inspiration for me, a reminder that I must speak out, as you do. So I wrote a letter to the editor, supporting Farm Sanctuary.

  2. Great writing and I feel the same as you Girl. I had to “unfriend” someone on my fb page because she was constantly posting animal cruelty photos. I’ve been doing animal rescue work my entire life…I don’t need this thrown in my face all day/all night. It was causing trauma for me.

    I too find myself hating humanity…I am a “rescuer” and that means not just the animals, but a few bad men along the way.

    I am burned out and now am trying to heal. We can do a lot of good work while healing: )


  3. I’m glad you found me 🙂 It gave me the gift of finding your blog. Your voice is powerful and raw. I love it! Keep up the passion.

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