From Sniper to Animal Rights Activist

Source: Free From Harm

Damien Mander was a special operations sniper and clearance diver for the Royal Australian Navy. In Iraq, he managed the Iraq Special Police Training Academy, overseeing military training of up to 700 cadets at one time. In 2008, following three years on the front line of the Iraq war, a trip to Africa brought him face-to-face with the horrors of wildlife poaching, and changed the course of his life forever. The story of that transformation, told here in 12 minutes, is riveting and hope-inspiring. But perhaps most important of all is Damien’s question at the end, a question for men—and women—everywhere. What will your answer be?


4 thoughts on “From Sniper to Animal Rights Activist

  1. I think its wonderful that he changedhis mind its sad he had to go threw all that first but the end result is fantastic! I think we all could relate to being someone else or thinking differently until we had our eyes opened by the truth! Which is exactly why i try to not judge people too harshly i tell myself its because they dont know however having said that once they DO know and find out and they still continue to be the same person with the same actions then i do judge them!

  2. i read a bit of “good news” regarding an ex-military “gun nut” near where i live: he is heavily armed in Africa protecting rhinos from poachers

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