Receiving and Giving the Shine On Blog Award

Girl for Animal Liberation has been honored with the Shine On Award courtesy of: Paula’s Pontifications. 

Rules for accepting the award:

  • Link back to the person (or people) who nominated you.
  • Add the award logo to your blog.
  • Share seven things about yourself.
  • Nominate 10 – 15 bloggers, and link to them, and tell them about their nomination.

Seven things about Girl for Animal Liberation:

 1.)  I have been a vegan for exactly 2 years and 4 months and instead of human children, I have furry children and their name are: Seti, Sammy, Aziz, Anubis, Mother Teresa and Buddy

2.)   I have been rescuing animals since I was a little girl (along side my dad) and my first foray into animal rights was in high school when I stumbled upon an issue of The Animal’s Voice Magazine

3.)  I prefer the company of animals to people.

4.)  My family hails from the old country: Italy – Acquaro, Calabria and Mecina, Sicily.

5.)  Most people don’t realize this about me, but I am primarily an introvert (however, I recently read that even introverts have some extrovert qualities in them as not everyone can be all one or the other).  For most of my life I have been misunderstood and labeled any one or all of the following: Snobby, Self-Centered, Strange, Standoff-ish and the like.  I am not a snob, or self-centered; however, sometimes I can be standoff-ish, especially if I am not comfortable (feeling comfortable is a big thing with introverts).  Generally, I take time to warm up to people as I do not make fast friends. I do not trust easily so if I do happen to trust you, consider it an honor – seriously, I’m not kidding nor am I trying to be snarky.  Also, despite my tendencies towards introversion, I love to give hugs.  Go figure.

6.)  I hate talking on the telephone, unless it is with someone I am really comfortable with and have known for a long time.

7.)  I suffer from social phobia and more often than not I will decline an invitation to a social event. It usually takes some serious cajoling from friends to get me to change my mind.


8.)  I cannot wait to ditch my ex-married last name and go back to my maiden name that literally DRIPS olive oil! 

My picks for the Shine On Award!!

I do not follow a lot of bloggers; however, the ones I do follow are special to me.  I am going to omit any bloggers I follow that have already received this award and focus on those who have yet to receive it.

1.)   Blue in This Light Blue and I have become quite close over the past month or so.  He and I share the same passion for animals and disdain for the human race.  If it wasn’t for Blue, I would have never learned of Amand Lollar and Bat World Sanctuary.  Which he wrote about in this post Juggernauts versus Underdogs. Blue is also a very  talented writer

2.)   Exposing the Big Game Jim Robertson of Exposing the Big Game has written a book (of the same name) and is a brilliant wild life photographer.  Since discovering Jim’s blog, I have learned that animals have very little rights or protection and if hunters had their way (and they pretty much do) the earth would void of  all animals, except humans!  Noodle on that the next time you dismiss hunters and/or protection for endangered animals.  If Jim taught a class in college I’d be in the front row and if he ran for office I’d give him my vote!

 3.)   Teeny Bikini a.k.a. The Jiggly Bits What can I say about TB/TJB other than when I need a good gut wrenching laugh, I nav on over to her site.  She says it like it is and what she does say, most of us are thinking but are too afraid to say out loud.  Teeny you are my hero!

 4.)    I thought I knew everything there was to know about animal exploitation until I stumbled across  the following Bloggers: 

  1. Our-Compass;
  2.  Florence Eaise;
  3. Ann Novek-with the sky as the ceiling and the heart outdoors;
  4. Fight for Rhinos;
  5. Animals Deserve to Live 

5.)    When I need a break from all things “animal rights” I love to nav on over to World in Motion.   Scott Erb’s Blog is always an education on all that is going on in the world.  Like Exposing the Big Game, if Scott taught here in Boston, I’d be in the front row of his class.

6.)    3 Kids 2 Cats 1 Divorce just Like Teeny Bikini I can always count on her for a good laugh at the things  most people take far too serious.

Shine On bloggers!         🙂


Oh and is anyone watching/following Mr. Selfridge?  It’s finally starting to get goooooooooood!  🙂

9 thoughts on “Receiving and Giving the Shine On Blog Award

  1. Congrats Girl for animal liberation on winning the shine on blogs award you so deserve it! The more i find out about you the weirder it gets i SWEAR you mustve been my fraternal twin & we where seperated at birth because to hear you describe yourself sounds to me EXACTLY like someone describing me right down to the social disorder & having people think you are stuck up its so strange to find someone so much like yourself and i mean that in a great positive way! Ive also found some new blogs to follow thanks to your post ive already been following you, our compass, and big game these three are my all time favorite blogs i go to them everyday! But your blog is the only blog where i can read about animals and humans i love it!

  2. First on the list! That’s in alphabetical order!

    But really, thank you for this. It’s still a strange and novel concept that anyone actually reads my babbling, much less likes it. And cool people too, not the jibbering monkeys in, say, Youtube comment sections that throw misspelled shit at each other.

    I mean really, Youtube’s commentary is a goddamn cesspool. So thank you not just for appreciating my work, but for being, well, a superior human being. Elitism is okay, so long as it’s strictly merit based, lest you end up holding someone aloft for the random dumb luck of being born into wealth or privilege that they did nothing to acquire and thus doesn’t speak to prowess, intelligence or spirit on their part.

    Gosh, that would be silly. I’m so glad no one does that.

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