Be Amazing and Find Your Innermost Voice ~ Tara Lemieux


“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

I remember once, some many years ago when my son was first attending day care. He was having a most difficult time adjusting to this, his newest transition. At just 3 years-old, I believe he was doing quite well—even in spite of all of those tears.

One day, just as I was readying to walk out the door—my little boy began to have a mini-meltdown. And, of course, my instinct as a Mother was to scoop him right up into my arms.

But, his caregiver at the time, the sweetest, most gentlest and charming southern soul—grabbed my arm, and holding it fast…and in order to tell me, “no.”

“Find your voice baby,” she leaned down and whispered softly to my son.

And in just that moment, he drew in a deep breath and sniffled out his reply, “I want…to go…home.”

I was so very proud of him that day.

Not because of that mini-meltdown in the classroom—but rather, because on that day…my son… found his voice.

Your life is now, my dears—seize it, and make it most amazing.

And never, ever be afraid to be true to that which is your innermost voice.

SOURCE: Elephant Journal 


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