Wolf-Killers’ Admit They’re Sadistic Perverts

Exposing the Big Game

Paul Watson was right. In his foreword to my book, Exposing the Big Game: Living Targets of a Dying Sport, Sea Shepherd’s Captain Paul Watson wrote:

“Any man who has to kill a magnificent bear or bull elk to mount its head on his wall has some very deep and disturbing psychological and sexual problems. Hunting is no longer necessary for our survival but trophy hunting was never necessary for human survival. Trophy hunters can be described quite adequately as sadistic perverts and social deviants.”

Worst of all, they freely admit it.

An article by Cathy Taibbi in Examiner.com entitled “Wolf-killers admit it’s all about the sadistic sexual thrill” includes photos, links and quotes from one of the many anti-wolf Facebook pages where members brag about “’getting wood’ when seeing wolves trapped, tortured and killed, whether in images or in real life.” Flaunting the fact that they’re…

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5 thoughts on “Wolf-Killers’ Admit They’re Sadistic Perverts

  1. stuff like thin can (and does) make me very dad. like the post said, “we” are LOOONNNGGG past the era where there is a “need” to do this. sometimes i think there are more than one species of “human” on this world… i have a post in progress, with a title beginning with “tortured souls (and) ” which may help Me, at least, deal with this to some extent.

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