The Boston Marathon Bombing and Forgiveness

In light of this week’s tragic event (and as a resident Massachusetts) I hope the Marathon Bombing event does not give people cause to foster hate towards all Muslims.  Remember: not all Muslims are terrorists.   The corollary to this is not everyone who is a Christian is a member of the Ku Klux Klan.  A few bad apples cannot be allowed to spoil the bunch. To that end, you cannot hate an entire religion because of a fragmented subset and I hope people will keep this in mind. I have already overheard people making negative comments about Muslims and it disturbs me to my very core.

People are grieving: the victims, and the victim’s families but keep in mind the family members of Dzhokhar and Tamerlan are also grieving.  Now, before you rip my head off, remember the Buddhists principal teaching is forgiveness. We Bostonians stand a greater chance of healing and moving on from this tragedy if we keep that principle in mind.   An eye for an eye has never solved anything, neither does fostering hate.  Don’t allow yourself to become  mired in hate as it is an ugly place to live.

My heart goes out to all victims on both sides of this tragic event. 


-GAL April 19, 2013