Barbara Lippert’s Mad Blog: Review of Mad Men Season Opener

Well Mad Men Groupies,

Hot off the presses!!!! I just received Barbara’s Mad Blog post about the Mad Men Season 6 Premier.  I haven’t read it, because I haven’t watched…yet.  However, for those of you who did watch, please enjoy!


Episode 601-602: The Doorway — Or, Death Con 5, As You Leica!

Editor’s Note: This special weekly edition of Mad Blog will focus on recapping and analyzing each episode of “Mad Men'”s sixth season.

In the season opener, we quickly learn that not much has changed, insofar as our antihero Don Draper is the type of guy who goes to heaven (Honolulu, with his bikinied TV star wife) but drags his own hell with him (“Dante’s Inferno,” a tome which we later learn is a gift from his mistress.)

So many disappointments, so much time, in a slow, sometimes heavy-handed, many-layered, double-header of an episode dedicated to death and mothers.

At I first thought that the Hawaiian trip, complete with the tacky Don Ho/Elvis entertainer and the fire twirlers, had to be one of Matthew Weiner’s great cosmic jokes: Two minutes into the premiere, “Mad Men” has jumped the shark!

After all, that phrase name comes from an episode of “Happy Days,”
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