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UPDATE: April 3, 2013

Hi Everyone,

I”m going to leave this post up all week and then the petition will be on the sidebar so people can continue to sign. If we can do this one thing to show Governor Bullock and the gang over at Montana FWP that wolves in Montana have tremendous support and we don’t want them slaughtered, then Jay’s petition will have accomplished a giant first step in stopping this insanity. Please share his petition with all your friends and contacts. The wolves are voiceless and Jay has spoken very eloquently for them! We can’t let them down!


For the wolves, For the wild ones,



Please Sign The Petition To Stop The Killing Of Montana’s Wolves!

For over twenty years I have researched and taught about wolves.  Having had the longest running behavioral study of these animals in Montana’s…

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Off Topic: Hair

Call me crazy, go head I can handle it, but this morning I have decided to grow my hair out despite having just gotten it cut as outlined in this post.

I know! I know! I know what you’re thinking, “WHAT?!?!

Please bear with me.  I cut my hair because I thought it would be easier — well, it isn’t.  Err, let me back up a second:  in some respects it is easier in others it is not.  I have had various versions of a pixie since May 2011 and there is one immutable truth: short hair requires major upkeep.  If I go 5 or more weeks between haircuts my stylish pixie starts to look like I have chronic bead-head and not in a night-of-hot-passionate-sex-way that only comes with long hair.  It has been 5 weeks, count em five as in cinco, since my last haircut and this morning I woke up looking like I was wearing a shark fin on my head (major grinding my melon into the pillow look).  Plus, the nape of my neck is looking really scraggly so I either need to make an appointment and have my hair cut or suffer and grow it out.

Confession:  I sooooooooooo miss the days when I could wake up on a Saturday morning and pull my hair back into a messy ponytail.  With short hair, no matter what I have to toss some water on my head and do some smoothing.

I have had long hair longer (no pun) than I have had short hair and now that I have experience with both looks, I do feel longer hair allows more flexibility in terms of the frequency for maintenance.  With long hair, I could go months on end without a haircut, with short I go every 4-5 weeks.   I doubt I will go back to having really long hair like I used to in this photo, rather I am thinking perhaps a nice chin or above the shoulder length would be good.

Now for the worst part.  Growing. It. Out.  UGH!  I’m cringing just thinking about it.   😦

Thanks for reading my rant.


Your ever devoted crazy animal rights activist.