Here’s my quarterly (or monthly…or daily…) reminder to stop using unsustainable palm oil.  Palm oil demand leads to the 4 Ds — deforestation, destruction (of habitat), death (of critically endangered species, like the orangutan), and displacement (of indigenous human forest inhabitants), not to mention an absolutely insane increase of global warming gases into the atmosphere (these forests are carbon sinks).

Here’s a potent graphic I found from somebody who posted it in protest (a man after my own heart) on’s Facebook page (a pro-palm oil site, if you can believe that) that gives some info on how to avoid it.  (Not sure who to credit for this graphic but it’s certainly due him/her.)

(I swear, this heartbreaking photo of what was once probably a majestic, intelligent and proud orang — and what its Indonesian home has now become — is enough to make me hate mankind forever.)

But remember:  if you boycott companies that use unsustainable palm oil you…

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Whole Foods is Lying to Us!

Here is an excerpt to an article I read by Michael Blue Jay that I discovered when I read this post by gettingonmysoapbox.


(7) Refusal to carry only turtle-safe shrimp. When Earth Island Institute asked Whole Foods to carry only shrimp caught in nets certified to protect endangered sea turtles, Whole Foods flatly refused. (1)

(8) Selling “organic” food that possibly isn’t.  Much of WF’s private-label frozen fruits and vegetables come from China, where organics are completely unregulated.  This means no government (theirs or ours) checks to make sure that the farms are actually using organic methods.  It’s a huge leap of faith to think that suppliers on the other side of the world are truly supplying organics when they know that know one is checking up on them, especially when China has had such a long list of manufacturing controversies about contaminated products.  To top it off, Whole Foods uses the “USDA Organic” seal even though the USDA isn’t actually verifying that the food is really organic, and they use product names like “California Blend”, when the California Blend was really made in China. (21)  And even for domestic food, Whole Foods has been caught selling produce as organic that is anything but. (25)

(9) Selling dangerous food. You might think that with a company that champions healthy eating, anything in their store would be safe to eat.  You’d be wrong.  Whole Foods sold fish so toxic in mercury that one customer’s blood levels had to be reported to the Center for Disease Control. (17)  Whole Foods didn’t start identifying potentially mercury-laden fish in its California stores until the government forced them to do so.  Even then, a quarter of Whole Foods stores failed to display proper signage as required by law. (18)

In 2008, five people had to be hospitalized after eating E.coli-contaminated beef from Whole Foods.  The beef was sold even after it was supposed to have been recalled. (22)  Others were sickened by bad milk from Whole Foods, resulting in “hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical expenses…. One victim, a twenty-eight year old mother, will likely require a kidney transplant.” (23)

And when Whole Foods opened its store in Napa, it got an “F” on the county’s health inspection. (24)

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