Enlisting your help because I need a new name for my blog.

Recently I was chatting with Hannah at Gypsy Roller’s Veggie Kitchen about changing the name of my blog. What prompted the discussion is she had posted about changing the name of hers.  At the time she started her blog, she was living in an RV she so eloquently named: The Gypsy Roller, while her house was under construction.  Now that she and her family have moved out of the RV she felt it was time to retire the name seeing as she wouldn’t be *cooking* and *dispatching* from the Gypsy Roller. Which makes total sense. Although, secretly I did love the name:  Dispatches from the Gypsy Roller.  It sounded soooooooooooo, I dunno, Janis Joplin-ish.


The reason Hannah’s post resonated is because like her blog name, my blog and its name was born from a purpose that has since grown and changed.  The original intent or purpose of my blog was to talk about living green and reducing one’s carbon footprint. However, over the course of almost 1 1/2 years, my blog has morphed and now I prefer to focus my attention on an issue I am quite passionate about (almost too much so)  and that is:  animal rights, animal exploitation — exposing the egregious abuse that is taking place on factory farms, back yard butchers, research labs, fur breeders, puppy mills and so on…  Why? Well, since becoming a vegan, I have learned about the dark side of animal exploitation and now that my eyes are open, I can no longer close them or turn my back on what is happening to animals at the hands of very cruel and heartless humans. I can no longer recline back into my velvety world of ignorant bliss. I know what is happening. I don’t like it and dammit, I am going to do something about it, even if it kills me.  I would be incomplete as a woman, a human (!) if I turned my back on the plight of animals. 

Despite my desire to change my name, I have been unable to come up with anything that truly reflects my cause.  I’d like to keep GiRRL (which originally stood for: Grow it, Reuse, Recycle & Love our Earth) but perhaps change the spelling to Girl.

I still care about the earth; however, my focus is the impact that Factory Farming et al.  is having on our planet versus other environmental issues.

I’d also like to incorporate any or all of the following words in my title:  Animal;  Humane; Voice; Compassion…something (!) in the title.  And yet, sadly, no matter what I scribble on paper, nothing seems to work or flow.



I prefer to not burden people by asking for help; however, today I finally decided I needed to move past that fear and  open this up to my few but loyal followers.

If you follow my blog and are reading this, do you have any suggestions for a new name for my blog that would enable me to keep “Girl” in the first part of the title

Or dare I say it: do you think I should just retire this blog and create a shiny new blog with a shiny new name?











I promise full credit will be given.


Thanks and smooches.







This is a well written post about how Big Aggra is trying to prevent animal rights activist from exposing the truth behind the egregious abuse happening behind the walls of factory farms – every – single – day. If every state enacts the Ag-gag laws, we animal rights activists will be considered “Terrorists!” Imagine?

First Light Productions

Words have seductive power.

And there are very few things more seductive than the dirty talk of what historian and writer James McWilliams calls “agricultural pornography.” Words whispered in just the right way, “the idyllic image of farm animals roaming a verdant pasture”—an image promoted by every purveyor of meat products in the U.S.—”can make otherwise enlightened consumers melt, thereby forgetting the cold truth that an owned farm animal is an abused animal.”

”Cage-free” and “family farm”

does not mean hens are treated humanely. They may still have their beaks cut off in a practice called “debeaking,” because it cuts down on the amount of injuries when they fight each other. They may still be given antibiotics. When they are too old to lay eggs at a profitable rate, they are slaughtered for cheap meat.

The “platforms”  at Black Eagle Farm—that advertises itself as a “traditional family farm” and “animal…

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