Photos for Somer @ VedgedOut

Most people who follow my blog [all fifty of you] probably think my hair is long because of my Gravatar. That particular photo was taken the evening before my haircut in May 2011.  I have had long hair my entire life until 2008 when I decided to cut it short.  Initially, I had liked the cut but then I became unhappy with the style of the cut. In turn, I had spent the latter part of 2009 and all of 2010 growing my hair long…again…which is  no easy feat let-me-tell-you!

After having painstakingly grown my hair, I became inspired to cut it all off – yet  again, only this time with a new stylist recommended to me by my friend AMF.  AMF made an appointment for me, which piggy-backed onto her appointment. I arrived at the salon armed with a sundry of photographs. Long story short, my stylist chopped off my hair and I walked out happy — feeling free of the negative energy that had embedded itself in my hair after 6 months of being *sick*.  Since that day, I have had many iterations of short haircuts.

Last week, Somer posted a comment to this post stating that she thought the Jean Seberg Pixie cut would look “absolutely flattering” on me.  When I told her I had been sporting a pixie since May 2011, Somer reminded me that I need to update my Gravatar.  I explained in my response that I need to have a decent picture taken in order to do so.

Sooooooo, like… have you ever tried to take a picture of yourself?  Not easy, right? Have you ever tried to take a picture of yourself with your iPhone? Again, no easy feat. I know others have done it, as I’ve witnessed it via their blogs, but I’ll be damned if I have those same skills.

Moving on…

Yesterday I had a hair appointment after work.  Armed with my Jean Seberg photo I settled in for my haircut.  I had full intentions of  asking my stylist for a photo-op, but realizing the time, I had to dash to catch my train.  Upon arriving home, I proceeded to remove my jewelry when I remembered I needed a photo for Somer.  Shit! I literally said, “Shit!” while standing in my kitchen.  At that moment, I grabbed my iPhone and attempted to take some horrifying pictures of me with my pixie haircut.

Here’s the first photo. Nightmare, right? Blurrrrrrrrrrsville.

Haircut 3 4 2013_bad photo

Photo #2 isn’t much better.

Haircut 3_4_2013_1

Neither is Photo #3

Haircut 3 4 2013_2

and lastly, Photo Op #4 (barf!)

Haircut 3 4 2013_3

I was ready to give up. But then…well… I decided to try one more time and Voila!  I finally nailed it. I finally capture the perfect shot!

Ready for it?


Sammy 3 4 2013

Don’t I look good? Ha!


Actually, Sammy was so jealous of the fact I was taking photos of myself ( instead of him) that he insisted on getting in on the action.  Natch!

So Somer my dear, as much as I tried to take a decent photo so as to update my Gravatar, the entire concept has proven futile.

These grainy photos do not do my pixie justice.  Granted my hair is much darker (and curlier) than Ms. Seberg but the general style concept is there.

Oh and in case you are wondering why I’m not showing some teeth. Well kiddies, it is because 2 weeks ago I got braces (!) and the last thing I want is a smile full of metal captured for everyone in the Blogosphere to see. Don’t misunderstand, I’m totally psyched about having braces but that does not mean I want everyone to have a picture they can torture me with for all eternity.


Have a good day everyone!