Fur Coat Siting

Updated: 1:25PM

Folks, some of you who read this post, liked it; however, some did not. So this update is for those of you who have read this post and found yourselves offended or worried that I may be one of those animal rights extremists.

Please know that I was not literally going to do anything to that woman, I mean, c’mon, really????  Would I blog about it if I were????

The dialogue that was running through my head was similar to the dialogue that probably has run through your head when someone cuts you off in traffic; cuts in front of  you in line; stole your identity (this happened to me); overcharged you for something; damaged your property; or caused harm to a member of your family.  That’s it folks, just dialogue. I’m a rationale person a who cares deeply about animal injustice — that is all. If I cannot use this blog as a forum to vocalize my feelings on animal cruelty as well as educate the public, well then what is the point of this blog? Would my thoughts and feelings be more justified if I witnessed the woman killing and skinning the animal? Someone bought that coat (or maybe she bought it) and she chose to wear the coat which sends a message she doesn’t care that animals suffered and died for their fur.

Hmmm, maybe I should remove the Cubby post, I mean, if I cannot speak out against fur, then why speak out against what happened to Cubby?  People were outraged over that story. People are outraged when I share the dirty dark secrets of factory farming.   People were outraged when they learned of The Cove.  So why can’t I be angry and outraged over fur coats???????  If I am going to be a vegan and the voice of the voiceless then I have no choice but to be 100% into the cause, not cherry pick. I am an all or nothing person — no half-ass going on in my world.

Lastly, show me one person who hasn’t at one point in their life said the following: I’m going to kill you. Or, I’m going to kick your ass. Or, I’m going to catch the bastard who did XYZ.   It’s dialogue, right folks?

Full Disclosure: I own two fur coats. One belonged to my Nonna; and the other to the woman who used to own my house.  Do I wear these coats, heck no. Should I sell them? I just don’t’ know.

I mean what does one do with two vintage fur coats???? 



I have removed the original post — it just isn’t worth it to even go down this road… 

3 thoughts on “Fur Coat Siting

  1. Hi, read this blog. Making me think twice about trying to be friendly with this woman. I understand about the fur…cruelty thing but vintage is another ballgame. I’m sure it wouldn’t have mattered to her if it was vintage or not. This is exactly why vegans and peta get such bad names….maniacal behavior.

    If that would have been me there would have been a confrontation….yikes!

    Love those end tables….gotta find some and I need that paint!



  2. Yikes! Fur coats in this day and age? That’s some really willful ignorance. As to your vintage furs, our local animal shelters occasionally ask for donations of fur coats and use them as bedding for the sick or elderly animals awaiting adoption. This appeals to my “circle of life” thinking!

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