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Canned Hunting

Information about this nefarious but widespread activity is hard to get. Obviously, the people involved  prefer to keep a low profile. But here’s an example of the kind of mind set that allows it to proliferate.

In 2004, Troy Gentry, half of the musical group Montgomery Gentry, paid Lee Marvin Greenly, the owner of Minnesota Wildlife Connections, to kill a “large trophy caliber bear” that Greenly owned by the name of Cubby.

Greenly promotes himself as a wildlife photography business providing captive-held animals for individuals to photograph in a wild setting.

Cubby was a tame bear, hand fed by Greenly with no fear of people. After the bear developed dental problems, Greenly sold him to Gentry, a bow hunter, for $4600, then helped him stage a video that portrayed the “hunt” as a wild encounter.

The video contains a scene in which Gentry and Greenly talk on camera…

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