Animal and Plant Cruelty

If I can open just one person’s eyes to the egregious cruelty of farm animals – convincing one person to choose a vegan lifestyle, well then I have the ability to influence more people.
I have been following Scott’s blog for some time now and today he brightened my day with his post: Animal and Plant Cruelty. I hope you’ll take the time to read it.

World in Motion

I’ve always had a very logical argument as to why I am not a vegetarian.   Vegetables are living entities just like animals.  They feel in different ways, experience the world in manners we cannot comprehend, but they are life forms just as we are.  Since in the animal kingdom it is natural for creatures to eat both plants and animals, there can’t be anything inherently wrong with eating meat.   A cat could never become a vegetarian and survive, for example.  As long as we do not over-indulge, eating other living entities, plant or animal, is natural.

Lately, though, I am rethinking my argument.   Not that I’m doubting the logic, but there is another factor to take into account: corporate farming.   Consider:  In the Laura Ingalls Wilder book Little House in the Big Woods, Pa butchers a pig that they have been raising for some time…

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