Capitalist Mitt Romney truly is a sh*t head!

Sorry about the avalanche of posts today but I couldn’t help myself. While catching up on all of my animal abuse news, I happened upon this story about Mitt and the 12 hour ride he and his family took, while their scared-shitless-dog-Seamus-was-strapped-to-the-roof in his dog carrier.  Turns out, good ole square-jaw Mitt violated animal-cruelty laws from state to state. According to ALDF Mitt violated “anti-cruelty laws in each of the jurisdictions the Romney’s passed through that would clearly prohibit such a rooftop journey.”  I wasn’t going to vote for him anyway, but now that I know the exact details, I hope what goes around comes around and some day, Mitt-y-poo gets his comeuppance!

Here are the deets, if you’re so inclined…(and boy am I soooooooooo glad I didn’t vote for him. You know my stance on animal cruelty).

6 thoughts on “Capitalist Mitt Romney truly is a sh*t head!

  1. I guess it’s wrong I found this funny. I don’t mean to make light of the poor dog’s suffering but the sh*t head comment and the graphics were really amusing! 😀 Yeah. wow. what kind of IDIOT, presidential candidate or not – wait, ESPECIALLY a presidential candidate – makes such poor thoughtless decisions? Even a really, really thick person would realize that a car carrier with a pet inside on top of a car going 65 mph for hours would probably spell some kind of trouble. So glad he isnt’ going to be making decisions up there in the White House for me!

    • Well said, Birgit, WELL SAID! I don’t think I could have summed up this story any better. Thank G-d he’s NOT OUR PRESIDENT!!!! Whew!

      [wiping sweat from brow]

      • I never thought he would be!! 😀 But there is a lot of red on that map even if there are only 3 people per county out west! 😀 I am glad that as a country we’re smarter than that! Does he have any animals now? They should take them away. :-S

  2. I remember I heard that story just after the story came out about him bullying a kid in high school because he wore his hair long. That scared the hell out of me about Romney. That kind of behavior shows that he seems to be able to treat other living creatures – humans and animals – as objects rather than subjects. I don’t trust people like that, regardless of their political perspective.

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